Piku, Motion se hi Emotion!


Take three incredibly talented actors under the direction of another incredibly talented director and combine it with a very believable modern story and you have a block buster Piku.

All the reviews that I had read about the film had been positive but despite wanting to see it from the very first week after it was released a month ago, I was unable to because of my illness and vacation. I finally made it yesterday and what an experience it was.

I have seen other old men with constipation going through life in exactly the same way that the old man in this film does and the reality was simply stunning. That an Indian producer can take such an unmentionable theme, yes the leitmotif to make it mentionable, is constipation,  and make such a film with such a team of talented people is simply too valuable an experience not to be shared with my readers. Most of my readers from India must have already seen it by now and if they have not they must immediately see it before it is taken off the theaters. Seeing it in the small format will not be the same experience.

To my overseas readers, I will recommend this movie with a [rating=6] rating and would urge you to see it with English subtitles in whatever format that you can.  Some of the nuances of the Hindi and Bengali language will be missed but the overall impact is unlikely to be affected.

Customer Service ICICI Bank.


I keep hearing about poor customer service all the time from various sources and when I personally experienced excellent customer service from a bank, I thought that it should be acknowledged by me in my blog post and also through my Facebook page.

During the last couple of weeks, I have not been able to use my ICICI Bank credit card for transactions online because at the last stage of secure check up my card was getting rejected as I was not receiving the One Time Password OTP on my phone. This is a new system that ICICI Bank have introduced recently as they had been using a PIN number for the last stage verification which worked just fine.

I suspected that it could be due to some wrong data entry of my telephone number as I was unable to use the mechanised complaint redressal system as well. I therefore decided to visit the branch of ICICI Bank where I have my account and was most pleasantly surprised to be attended to immediately at a counter meant exclusively for Senior Citizens by a very helpful young lady.  Mera khayal bilkul rakhe!

The lady heard me out patiently and went online to check if my suspicion was right and found that it was bang on and the bank had some totally strange telephone number on record for my credit card. She readily agreed with me that it must have happened at the time of change over to the new security system through wrong data entry and took immediate steps to rectify matters online in my presence. She assured me that by the following morning my credit card will function perfectly on the new OTP system as well and on testing it out, I find that it has indeed been corrected.

What a nice way to resolve a complaint instead of the mechanised telephone systems that often end up frustrating one!

While I had thanked the young lady personally at the bank, I wish to compliment and thank the ICICI Bank for the excellent training that they have given to their staff to handle such a problem and to solve them on the spot with special consideration for Senior Citizens.

Foster Home.

My daughter in law Manjiree and her two sisters are great animal welfare activists and their homes are proof that they are. In our home we have Chutki, rescued as a pup, a victim of a hit and run accident with both her hind legs fractured who was nursed to health and normalcy by Manjiree. She was originally found and brought to us by Anjali, one of the sisters who you will get to meet later in this blog post.

In Manjiree’s maternal home there are two rescued dogs being brought up by her parents. The other sister Vandana has a home full of rescued dogs and she keeps fostering as well.

The latest in these rescue stories is a Great Dane that the girls have named as Jordan. He was found abandoned and ill about to die. Manjiree with the help of Blue Cross arranged for him to be taken from the roadside and cared for and when the Blue Cross facilities could not manage him, he was shifted to some other activist’s place to be cared for. Since that activist has other commitments, Manjiree has brought Jordan home to care for for a few days.

These are two photographs of Jordan being brought down from an upstairs flat where he was being cared for before he was brought to our place and one with him and Chutki in our home along with Anjali.


Jordan and Chutki

As I write this, it has been two nights since Jordan came home and he has slowly gained enough confidence that he will not be abused and moves freely around. Chutki on the other hand is irritated that she has competition for attention but so far no major scraps have taken place. It is a fine balancing act that all of us are having to perform to keep her in good humour!


Relativism is the concept that points of view have no absolute truth or validity, having only relative, subjective value according to differences in perception and consideration.


Relativism thrives when people do not have to shoulder the burden of actually coming to a conclusion

~ Simon Blackburn


Moral Relativism

I thank Max for the inspiration for this post.