Grey Hair.

Grey hair is preferred by most men to no hair. And I leave those worthies who dye their hair to retain a youthful look out of this post.

grey hair


And I think that a combination of grey hair and no hair beats everything in sight.
sean connery

Tammy and I are biased.

This is my contribution to the Weekly Loose Bloggers’ Consortium (LBC) endeavour to post on one single topic every Friday. Today’s topic has been suggested by me.  I hope that you enjoyed reading my contribution.

Dying To Be Me.

dying to be me

This is a book by Anita Moorjani. I was led to this book by the same people who had persuaded me to read Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander about which I had written in my post Too Strange. The idea was to debate the whole issue of NDE and willful curing of cancer after I had explored what Dying To Be Me was all about.

I was actually asked to listen to Anita Moorjani’s TED talk but I preferred to send for the book and read it. Since it was available in the kindle version, it was a simple matter of downloading it and reading it.

I await an opportunity to debate the topics with the people who exposed me to these two subjects, but this post is about the book. The book is worth a read for those interested in the unusual. I am not impressed and I think that such matters are best left alone and not speculated on. I am sceptical about the experience explained, the spiritual innuendos and the bringing in of Wayne Dyer into the equation to perhaps just plug the book.

The author may be stating truths about her experience but considering her background that I researched before I commenced writing this post, I think that a lot of the writing is ghost written. While that may be acceptable publishing practice to ensure sales of the book, I personally found it rather stilted and unlike anything that someone with that kind of a background can come up with. Had the ghost writer, if as I suspect there had been one, been given proper credit, the credibility of the author would have been higher with me.

Unless I personally undergo a Near Death Experience, and / or miraculously cure one of my health problems through the belief system propagated by Ms. Moorjani, I am afraid that I am through with NED and Miraculous Cures.

Frank Abagnale – FED Talk.

I don’t watch TED talks. I simply go straight to the transcripts and read the talk where I want to know about what the speaker talks about. And this one is called FED talk!

I made an exception in this case because, a dear friend Darlene sent the link to me and recommended that I see it. Since I had seen the film “Catch Me If You Can” a few years ago, on a DVD and had liked it, I was intrigued enough to do so. I am glad that I did.

The story of Frank Abagnale concludes with this talk. If you have read the book and / or seen the film, you will enjoy watching and hearing this talk just as I did.

Bulk Buying.

wholesale_wedding_veilsNobody in his senses now wants to buy into bulk.  The trend all over the world is to cut down, to minimise and to do with less.  And that includes one’s own size!

There are however people who still insist on buying in wholesale under the false notion that it is economical. They will go to the wholesale markets to buy in bulk and by the time all of whatever has been bought is used up, quite a bit gets spoilt and has to be thrown away. Add that to the cost of transportation and I have always believed that buying retail from closeby grocers and others made more sense and also saved on space.

There are some groups, particularly from cooperative housing societies who pool together small orders from members to buy in wholesale once a week or something like that, to share among themselves and that makes sense when the members are of two income households where shopping becomes difficult. I have great admiration for this particular form of cooperation and encourage it wherever I can.

I personally do not buy anything is bulk as it is not necessary. Fresh produce is available at my doorstep and I will be foolish not to enjoy that facility to its fullest.

This is my contribution to the Weekly Loose Bloggers’ Consortium (LBC) endeavour to post on one single topic every Friday. Today’s topic has been suggested by Maria.  I hope that you enjoyed reading my contribution.

Bridge Of Spies.



A potent combination of Steven Spielberg, The Coen Brothers, Tom Hanks and Alan Alda plus a very well made trailer that I saw last week had made up my mind to see this film before it was taken off from our screens. A great many others must have felt the same way as there were only four seats vacant in the theater when we saw it. This itself was a most unusual experience for me. I don’t think that today being a holiday had anything to with it, but that it was Thursday and that it could be taken off must have influenced the attendance.

I don’t think that any viewer was disappointed. There were very few of my age who could identify with the Berlin wall, U2 planes, Garry Powers and the cold war but despite that they enjoyed the film was obvious. Even for me and my first time partner in crime Megh, the exchange story was a new insight and the two for one exchange was also a new insight.

There is nothing negative that comes to mind about the film other than the limited role for Alan Alda where despite his short appearance, he makes his presence felt. What can one say about Tom Hanks being directed by Spielberg?  And a truly remarkable performance by Mark Rylance as Rudolf Abel, brings out the message that even spies can be human!  His unforgettable delivery of “Is that gonna help?” is worth seeing the film once again.

Most of my readers are of my age group. Though the Americans among them may know the full story behind the film already, it still is a refresher course with current Russia / West confrontations coming to the fore again for all of us and for the younger ones, a wake up call to learn from history.

Don’t miss it.