Somehow I don’t think that Maria would have expected what I am about to write as my contribution, when she suggested the topic for today’s LBC’s weekly posts when a few of us write on the same subject. Be that as it may, here I go, giving my two bits to the grand effort.

During those days when it was necessary, I never had enough to spend for just necessities, so, never really had the problem of overspending. I grew up and had a family life during most of India’s socialistic pattern of society experiment and was in the high income tax bracket with little spare cash to indulge in extravagance. My situation changed when the economy was liberalised and I changed jobs, but old habits die hard and I never did go on spending sprees.

I was also lucky that my late wife was as prudent as I was and so between the two of us we lived prudently and comfortably without keeping up with the neighbours.

If there is one area where I overspend, that is in buying books which has been a weakness for decades and I think that since it is a harmless pastime of some benefit to me, it can be forgiven by the younger fans who read this and who are in debt living a life of EMIs.

Despite that however, I am debt free, asset rich and revenue comfortable.  I think that it is a nice way to be.



I am in some confusion and am writing this post to try and clear the cobwebs to come with the correct solution to a problem that I am facing just now.

There is an acquaintance whose presence in my life is toxic to say the least. He suffers from all kinds of complexes and covers up his own inadequacies by acting superior and generally being unpleasant and insufferable. I know that he will simply wither away if I cut him out of my life as he has few friends and those that he has, avoid him as much as they can. He has been pestering my other friends too with his unpleasantness and they have had enough of him.

My problem is to decide on the extent to which I should be compassionate and continue to allow him to be in my life. I keep coming to the conclusion that I should cut him off but I feel sorry for him as the last time that I did, he did show remorse and showed some moderation in his behaviour but I now see the old patterns creeping back into existence.

justification 2

I think that I will sooner than later bite the bullet and cut him off.


On the 12th and the 13th, we had Deborah and Phil from Georgia USA with us and it was exhillarating catching up with them after so many years.  We were sad to see them go away and look forward to their return soon.
We had Kaush come all the way from Canada via Chennai on the 14th and that was intellectually so stimulating that I slept non stop for eight hours on Saturday night!

And finally, we had my grand nephew Rishit from Hyderabad land up on Sunday to spend the day with us and it was so nice catching up with all that has been happening to him and our family there and also in sharing so much of information that the young lad had not had access to all these years. Unfortunately, I did not take any photographs, but he is here on transfer and so I expect to see a great deal more of him in the days to come and shall indeed take some photographs to save for posterity.

Apart from these out of towners we had so many visitors coming for Diwali that it was quite tiring at times. But, that is a small price to pay once a year to share such joy.


Chaitanya and Vaishali are good friends of mine.  I have known them for quite some time now and have always called them by their full names.

Both had come to visit us for Diwali and while chatting about various things, Chaitanya’s nickname came up as being Chaai.  Chaai in India is of course the well brewed favourite beverage Tea.  I was quite amused and we cracked a few jokes about the nickname before they took their leave.  I bid them farewell but this time addressed the former as Chai much to his and his wife’s amusement.

It was after they had left that it occurred to me that Vaishali too could get a similar nickname – Vaai.  That sounds like Wai which is actually a historically important temple town about 120 Kms from Pune.

I can’t wait for them to return to Pune from their Diwali vacation to throw this one at them to see their reaction.

King Of Cowboys!

King of cowboys

When travelling overseas, I used to be asked the meaning of my name by many people and I would inevitably translate my surname Rajgopaul as Raja for King and Gopala for Cowherd or Cowboy as in the West translating to King of Cowboys. Lord Krishna was the King of Cowherds.  Here he is depicted as one along with his friend Balaram, cows and calves.


No, I never wore cowboy boots.