Bad Moms.


It has been a long time since I saw an English film. The last one that I saw was The Legend Of Tarzan a month ago. Since then no worthwhile English movies came around and when I saw the advertisement for Bad Moms as a comedy I decided to see it and along with my partner in crime Ramesh did just that.

The just about 100 minutes that the film takes was worth spending at the theater but more than a comedy, it is a film about real problems faced by modern mothers. Some comedy indeed is present, but I found it contrived but the story and direction along with some excellent editing made the film worth a serious viewing.

I was not familiar with any of the ladies in the film and apart from one male actor who has a significant role and another with more or less a cameo role, the film is full of feminine presence and that is another plus point for the film.

I will give the film four out of five star rating.  If you can, please do see the film.

What Could Have Been.

The inspiration for this post came from a remarkable 12 minute short film which is shown at the end of the post. Actors, Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel have produced remarkable performances and I am sure that my readers will enjoy watching the short film as much as I did.

Why I want to write about this film is due to two true stories in my life. The first is about my first kiss about which I had written two blog posts here and here.

The other is one about which I have not written before. My first great romance was with TK which lasted for all of three and a half years between my 18th and 22nd years. We broke up because her religion came in the way of a long term relationship and she went her way and I mine.

Like Sharada came back into my life, TK too did just two years ago. She was asked by a mutual friend who had been in touch with both of us without letting each other know about the other all these years. TK rang me up to inform me about the death of another mutual friend in the USA. TK too got married the same year as I did and after all these years we got to know all about what had happened to each other during the interim.

In both the cases, I used to wonder after the parting of ways as to what had happened to them. I used to imagine all kinds of scenarios in moments of wistful dreaming but the truth when it came to be known, was totally different.

In the film, the hero is shown at the reunion, but not about his wistful dreaming days if he had had any and that is what made me write this post.