Kahani 2. Durga Rani Singh.


I had not been to see a film in a theater for a long time as no new movies worth going to had been released in a while. When a movie with Vidya Balan, Kahani 2. Durga Rani Singh, was released, with Arjun Rampal in it, I decided to see it yesterday and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

To start with, the plot revolves around a very sensitive topic not discussed openly in our society, child abuse. This matter is very sensitively brought out by Vidya Balan, and more so by child artist Naisha Khanna.

Arjun Rampal a versatile actor does full justice to his role with some aplomb. He and Vidya Balan being actors rather than stars, their performances dovetail well with each other’s and the result is admirable and very enjoyable.

Some aspects of police venality and indifference are brought out effectively with the rest of the cast contributing their bits under some superb direction and photography.

A movie worth seeing.

My Favorite Fictional Character Is:


That is Gandalf The Grey.

Why is he my favourite?

I am very affectionately called that by my very dear young friend Kaush. And the story behind that is that I offered some insights about his school days.  Subsequently, I started calling him Bilbo Baggins.

Tolkien’s two books have been favourites for ever.

This topic for the weekly LBC posts was suggested by Shackman.  Please visit him and Pravin who are also likely to write on the same topic.