2017 The Year Of The Rooster.

I discovered that 2017 is the Chinese year of the rooster through a blog post by my blogger friend Neil. He is more clued in on such things! His image of the rooster is sure to get a big laugh out of you.

I just thought that I would share this information with my readers as well and also give a link to a site that elaborates further.

My Chinese sign is Water Sheep and my fortune for 2017 says that I would face many ups and downs but would overcome them with ease. I would like to hear something new.

I wish all my readers a very happy 2017.

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  1. I think it’s safe to say that every one of us will face a few ups and downs in 2017. Whether we can overcome them with ease is another matter. Some of the 2016 downs were only overcome with a great deal of frustration, rage and persistence!

    A happy new year to you too.
    nick recently posted..Dignity or disgrace

  2. I’m a Rabbit and am supposed to have a zen-like nature, not easily upset. I’m also supposed to be artistic, which obviously has nothing to do with my lack of talent but does go along with my creative attitude towards life. My horoscope says,

    This year might be a little tough on some fronts. But thanks to your persistence, you will come out a winner!

    The 2017 Rabbit horoscope predicts that new opportunities are everywhere for you in 2017! You can use these opportunities to make yourself all the more better.

    Oh, dear! When life gets challenging my favorite question is , “What’s the opportunity here?” And favorite prayer is, “Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity. I sure hope You know what You’re doing!”

    Thanks for the post. Fun stuff. πŸ™‚
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..I Can Relate to That!

    1. Wonderful. I must find a Rooster something. I know I will be calling on friends to have Dim Sum near that time.

      I think I’m paid up until Sept 2017 in the times that slay department. I am dragging a lot of %*!# from 2016 into the NY, hoping it will die a lonely strangled death sooner or later.

      Happy New Year everyone. Bonne Annee!

      1. Ooops sorry. This somehow got in the wrong place. Meant in response to your original post Ramana. πŸ™

  3. Great post. I think we all go through ups and downs. What I hope is that the ups and downs for all of us will not be too intense, like a roller coaster. Happy New Year to you! πŸ™‚

    1. I am glad that you enjoyed the post. You are right, we all go through ups and downs and that is why I think that horoscope readings are just fun and should not be taken too seriously.

  4. i’m just glad last year’s monkey year is OVER!
    i already think i like this year.
    and i was born in a year of the rooster so maybe it will be kind to me.
    and the picture of trump rooster on neil’s site is perfect! LOL!
    cool rummy.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  5. Happy New Year! Your photo reminds me of just such a beautiful colorful feathered rooster we once had when I was young. Is there ever anybyear that isn’t filled with ups and downs? Keeps life interesting.
    joared recently posted..NEW YEAR ‘ESTIVAL

    1. There was a brief period when our father ran a free range poutltry at home in the yard. The rooster there was a magnificent specimen much admired by the neighbours. Yes, if we had only ups we would not know the difference between the ups and the downs!

  6. Well, belatedly, a Happy New Year to you, too. My year is the horse and I think I was to have had a bad 2016 (or maybe a few more downs than ups) but so far I just seem to roll with what is. I think Chinese New Year is 1/26 this year, so you have more time to contemplate your fortune.

    BTW, love the Banty rooster. I grew up with chickens around the garden and sometimes dream of having them. Until I remember that one must be dedicated to have pets.
    Mother recently posted..And a Happy New Year…

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