The door bell rang at 11.30 am this morning and I found a courier from Amazon with a parcel for me. First, this is the first time that I received a parcel from Amazon on a Sunday and secondly, I had not ordered anything from them. I checked to see that it was indeed addressed to me and opened it to see if either Ranjan or Manjiree had ordered something for me.

This is what I found.
Bingo! The light went on and here is a flashback to last Thursday.

A young couple, very dear to me who for some strange reason, has adopted me into their family called up to invite me to have lunch with them. I readily agreed and we had a great lunch at a favourite restaurant close to my home. Before the lunch GP told me that she would not order anything as she was on a diet plan which had enabled her to lose six kilograms in just as many weeks through a fasting programme. She said that she would help herself to little bit of what I ordered for myself and from her husband KS’s plate as well.

I was curious about this fasting programme and she explained it further to me by telling me about the above book which was recommended to her by another mutual acquaintance who had lost ten kilograms in six weeks. She believed that by following the programme listed in the book, I should be able to improve on my breathing condition and promised to send the book across for me to read.  (I also suspect that she wants me to shed some kilograms!)

Instead of sending her copy to me, she had simply ordered a copy from Amazon for me! What a delightful surprise gift! I rang her up to remonstrate and thank her, and she sweetly suggested that instead of thanking her, I do the same for someone else. What a lady!

I started reading the book and completed reading the introductions by Dr. Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore. I am quite impressed with their approach to the subject of fasting.  I intend going back to reading the book after I finish my daily session at the computer to attend to my mail, blogging, facebook etc.  I shall write another post once I finish reading it.

Thank you GP.


I read a post on facebook about a friend having some bhelpuri and sevpuri in Mumbai and realised that it has been years since I had some.

There is a popular place that sells both about a kilometer away from home where we used to go sometimes when my late wife would crave for some. And that was more then a decade ago. We simply cannot go there anymore as there is no parking available nearby and the traffic is maddening.

When Ranjan and Manjiree returned after an outing earlier this evening, I told them about my craving for both and they promptly took off to another popular place that has opened nearer our home and returned with both for me.

Nice to have children who satisfy an old man’s cravings.

Fulfilment. 2 on1 # 7.

I flatter myself that I am a Fulfillionaire.  Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.

There are however two exceptions to the list of attributes given in the image. My health could be better. And I no longer own my business, having wound it down two years ago. I am now in retirement and enjoying every moment of it.

Let me however confess that I had very little to do with coming to this stage. I have been blessed with an attitude of taking whatever comes my way cheerfully and that has helped me reach this stage of fulfilment.  All that I did voluntarily many years ago was to decide that I would not be like the many  Tantaluses that I saw around me.

A fulfillionaire does not compromise areas of his life to achieve gains in others. There never was the need nor is there one now. It may however be that I was never called upon to compromise on any area of my life with temptation. For some of course it may evoke pity!

He lives a balanced life with abundance in all areas. Since I am blessed with an attitude of abundance and am content with what I have, living a balanced life is no big deal.

He is in fine physical condition. How I wish that this could be true. almost a life time of smoking has given me COPD which has affected my ability to undertake vigorous activities. I however have learnt to accept that this is the price I have to pay for earlier indulgence and simply have adjusted my life style to accommodate this reality.

Has meaningful connections with family, friends and spirituality.
My readers will already know that this is true in my life.

Has sufficient financial means to do whatever pleases him. My financial resources are not very big. Yes, I have simply adjusted whatever pleases me to the reality of my financial condition. No big deal.

Is often a business owner who has the flexibility to dictate the type of work he does and the amount of hours he does it. I am now in retirement and have all the flexibility that I need to dictate the type of work that I do and the hours I spend on it.

He loves life and is considered wealthier in real terms than millionaires and billionaires. I sure love life the way it has evolved for me. I leave it to my readers to decide whether I can be considered to be wealthier in real terms than millionaires and billionaires.

I have suggested today’s topic for the weekly 2 on 1 blog fest. Please check what the other blogger Shackman has to say on the same topic.

Memory Trigger 23. Comparison.

This is not the first time that I have come across this image. It is poignant for all the right reasons and resonates with me for many reasons, the least being it  reminding me of the famous Helen Keller quote – “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet”.

The Keller quote however, reminded me of two of the great lessons of life that I had the privilege of learning from a great mentor.

The year was 1981. The event, the annual Cricket Match between the Sales Managers and the Rest played every year at our Mill location in the South of India. This was one major event looked forward to by all every year and it was always a festive affair. The match would be over before lunch time in the morning and it would be followed by a great deal of beer drinking and a sumptuous meal in fellowship.

I used to represent the Sales Managers and would open the bowling for them. I was also a dependable batsman down the order. I did this every year from 1974 till 1980. In 1981 however I could not play due to my hips having given up on me. I was miserable watching the proceedings and my misery was perhaps quite obvious as my then boss, sitting next to me in the pavilion, who asked me why I was so sad. On hearing my disappointment with my hips not cooperating, he quoted Helen Keller.

That was the last time that I ever complained about my disability or compared myself with anyone else.

My boss continued to be my boss till 1987 when I took over from him on his retirement. He continues to be a very dear friend till today and though with his own disabilities, he laughs when I remind him of his mentoring me during the cricket match.

What Is Your Favourite Place Of All The Places You Have Been? 2 On1 # 6.

There is absolutely no need for second thoughts on it. Pune, where I now live.

I have done a fair bit of travelling around the world and have extensively travelled all over India. I have lived in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkatta, Delhi, Tirupur and a small village in Kerala. My late wife and I had set up ten different homes during our married life.

Whenever we lived in Bombay as it was then known and Mumbai as it is now, we used to pass through Pune on our way to her home town Hyderabad and had also visited for overnight stays on a number of occasions camping to attend weddings and other functions. I had camped in Pune on my own a number of times while on business and always enjoyed the stays. We had decided on Pune as our retirement town even then and when the opportunity came for employment here, we grabbed it and have not looked back.

We bought our home in Pune in 1990 and have stayed in the same place since then.

Why do I like Pune so much? To start with, its climate. Situated 560 metres above sea level on the Deccan plateau it has copious rain fall during the four months of monsoon and hence has a green cover which brings down the summer temperatures quite a bit. Since we are on the foothills of the Western Ghats, we are blessed with cool monuntain breezes from the hills and cool ocean breezes from the West which too help in keeping the temperatures down. The winters are cool and delightful and not as cold as the North of India gets. In other words ideal. The Colonial British chose Pune as their Head Quarters for their Southern Command of the Indian Army which continues till to date for the Indian Army too.

Next, I have friends here and till a few years ago, family too. I can depend on them as they on me for help and company.

Next, there is no cuisine from anywhere in the world that can not be found in Pune. There are many restaurants that we are simply spoilt for choice. Apart from these, we also have thriving roadside food vendors operating from carts all over the city. There are bakeries that bake top quality bread, biscuits and cakes and Indian Sweetmeat shops that make an amazing variety of Indian sweets and savoury snacks.

Pune offers a wide variety of entertainment too. Western classical music, jazz, pop, rock name it we have orchestras and bands performing regularly. Indian classical and popular music during regular concerts and dance performances on many stages. We also have a vibrant theater culture of English and Marathi stage groups. AND very conveniently located cinema halls in all parts of the city that screen Marathi, Hindi and English films 24/7.

Pune hosts a number of festivals, religious and cultural which are among the country’s best.

Next, we have world class medical services available round the clock with hospitals and nursing homes located in all localities. We also can access home nursing care at very reasonable charges and of high quality.

I also have my own favourite barbers, masseur and pedicurists in Pune who are simply nonpareil. Other things that modern cities offer like shopping, transport, education etc are all available and of good quality.

And to top it all, I live with our dog Chutki,  my daughter in love and son who are great company and comfort.

What other place can compete with my beloved Pune?

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