In a WhatsApp group, a friend of mine with two teenage kids posted a link to this article with the comment that she agreed that kids should not be the most important things in one’s life.

While trying to open the link I found a response to the article which I promptly posted on the group page.

And finally, I just could not resist the temptation and added this too on the WhatsApp page, as a sign off.

My own take on the subject:  In the early years, say till our kid finished college, he was the most important thing in our lives. Subsequently, both of us suffered the empty nest syndrome for some time before both of us became the most important thing to each other. I think that it all depends on the circumstances. I know couples and single parents with grown up quadriplegic and paraplegic children, for whom, the kid is the most important thing in their lives.

My Life In Three Songs. 2 On 1.

Trust Shackman to come up with this great idea for the weekly Friday blog post where both of us write on the same subject. Please do go over to his blog to see what he has to say. Knowing him as I do, it would be bang on and most appropriate songs.

My question to him is why three when one can do?

He would call it cheating and he is not a great fan of Sinatra anyway.

There was a time, I suspect that it was midlife crisis of some sort,  when this song would have been more appropriate, though it was aspirational rather than real.  Please read Ursula’s comments on my post Fishing.

Another one to sign off an all time favourite:

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri.

I had been wanting to see this film ever since I read a review of it by a blogger friend. Fortunately for me, I discovered that it was showing in Pune and I quickly went earlier this afternoon to see it.

I am glad that I did. From the link that I have given to the Wikipedia review of the movie, you will find all the awards that the film has won. Every single one is fully deserved.

This is another woman centric film the entire story revolving around a grieving mother played to perfection by Frances McDormand. Woody Harrelson plays a critical but, a small role in the film and again does a professional job. All the others do their jobs to perfection thanks to very good direction. Photography and editing are good and the movie, while essentially a character portrayal based story, moves with speed with not a dull moment anywhere. A bit of overacting by Sam Rockwell jars but is par for the character portrayed and since the audience reacted to him as the director wanted, I suppose that it was very good acting.

All in all a very well made movie worth watching. I am glad that I could see it in a movie theatre and did not have to buy a DVD.

Great Advice!

I have great pleasure in dedicating this post to Tammy who thinks that I have the makings of a Guru. Neither of us however can follow this Guru’s advice as both are sans spouses.


Identify one mistake in your spouse and tell them to correct it.  In response, they will help you identify all your mistakes along with your family’s, relatives and your friends’ as well.