It Is A Small World.

Today being the Golden Wedding Anniversary of friends in Mumbai, I wanted to surprise them with a gift and requested my Godson ND who used to live close to them some years ago if, he could arrange to deliver some Indian sweets to them. ND promptly agreed to send it through a friend who continues to live in the neighbourhood and I sent the address to which the sweets were to be delivered.

Lo and behold, the friend who was still living in the neighbourhood knew my friends as his children were tuition students of the wife.

The gift was procured and delivered well in time for the celebrations and my friends were zapped as to how I knew the students.

Five Stages Of A Woman’s Life.

Ursula, in her inimitable style, opened her comments on my previous post The Four Stages Of Man, with -“Just in case you run out of brainteasers with your daily crosswords please do give some thought to the four stages for women. And no, not the predictable.”

As Ursula and all my readers know, I am basically a lazy person who believes in not reinventing the wheel. So, off I went to Google Uncle and this is what I found.
There, Ursula, one better!  I now eagerly look forward to your comments.

Picker Upper.

Some readers have commented on my blog post Precious Gifts about another very useful gadget that they use to pick things up from the floor without bending down.

I too have one which however was not gifted to me. I had bought it when some years ago I had pulled a back muscle and had difficulty bending down while I was recovering.

It just hangs on a hook behind my chest of drawers as I don’t use it anymore. I call it my “picker upper”!  I don’t know what else to call it.

Can someone tell me the correct name for it?

Precious Gifts.

In one of those little forwards that so occupy so many people on WhatsApp, I was asked to list three cherished gifts that I had ever receieved.

I took a while to think about the matter and finally came to three indispensable items that were gifted to me many years ago and which I would call the most cherished and practical.

The first one came from a very dear but alas now late friend Abbas.

The next one came from my nephew Craig shortly after the first one.

The third one came from my son Ranjan who saw me using the first one for a purpose that it was not meant to perform.
For the puzzled, the first one is a long handled shoe horn, the second a socks puller and the last a telescopic back scratcher.

How many of these would you consider as cherished possessions?