12 thoughts on “26 Questions That Indians Are Asked In The West.”

  1. Very funny. It reminds me of some of the questions I have been asked when visiting the USA … “Do you still live in thatched cottages ?” … “Do you know the Queen?” etc. 🙂

  2. on behalf of all nanny boo boos who pick their noses in public and fart and yet manage to have their own tv show over here . . .
    i apologize profusely. they seem to be breeding as we speak.
    I honest to god think we are going in reverse. it seems we were more culturally educated and sophisticated about the world itself in the 1930’s.
    still . . . what can you expect from a people . . . that when asked today to name their own first president . . . are
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    1. Tammy, you will have as many ignoramuses here who do not have a clue about anything out of a fifty km radius from where they live. It is a universal phenomenon. For instance, there will be fellows here who will ask Americans if they ride horses and have shooting matches at noon or if they have met Batman.

  3. oh . . . that’s one of my ‘made up’ words. it’s a cross between
    illiterate and literally! LOLOL. i’m weird yes. but at least i know not to ask and indian 26 stupid questions! 😀
    tammyj recently posted..a white dragon

  4. I’ll respond once I’ve shooed the pigs and chickens out of my kitchen and chased that leprechaun right down to the end his rainbow and had an operation to keep my eyes from smiling all the time.
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  5. What part of Australia is that? – BTW New Zealand is not in Australia. There is no bridge to it either. It is 3 days from Auckland to Sydney by ship but most people fly there in a few hours.

    Do you speak English? Yes, on the fine days…

    Do you have Internet and good communications? – this occurred when the Rugby World cup was held here and the tourists discovered we were not backward and that we do actually speak English.

    Why don’t you have winter at Christmas? I could say back why don’t you have summer at Christmas…it is perfectly normal 🙂

    probably a heap of other stupid questions….
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