3 Days To Kill.

3 days to kill

Kevin Costner is an actor I never tire of seeing. So, when I saw the ads in the papers that he was the star in this movie, I decided to go and go I did this morning for the most convenient show for me, among all the timings, 9.30 am. My ever ready to go to movies friend joined me and we were just in time to catch it right from the beginning.

This is primarily an action movie. Not the kind of action movie that you would associate with Kevin Costner, but more like say Matt Damon. But Kevin brings all his histrionic skills to the role which show cases his ability to handle mindless action, romance, humour and an amazing performance as a father trying to establish a connection with his teen aged daughter.

All the other roles pale before his but that is to be expected in a film like this but the performance of Hailee Steinfield as the daughter is remarkable as well.

If you like action movies and Kevin Costner, this is a movie worth going to. [rating=4]

John, I have not forgotten, I did combine it with some food! We had a sizzler lunch afterwards.

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