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Media, is plural for Medium.

Dictionary calls a Medium as “a person through whom the spirits of the dead are alleged to be able to contact the living.” So, I would need the help of Media when I need to contact the dead.

Not a very pleasant idea that. To start with, why would I want to contact any dead? There is no one that I can think of that I can accuse of not including me in her last will and testimony. Nor anyone who can point out to me where some burried treasure lies in our ancestral estate. There has never been even a whisper of this idea anywhere.

Other than these two possibilities, the dead of interest to me, I am sure will not be very interested in contacting me. Why would they? I cannot do anything for them here or wherever they are. Now, my brother Barath has different ideas about the matter. In a comment on my post “Shopping” he had left this delightful comment. “I remember my ex wife once asking me ‘How would you like to talk to my mother?’, whilst holding the phone away from her ear to which my reply was ‘preferably through a medium’.”

I think that I shall leave the quest for media to him and be content with communicating with the living.

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