A Banana Eater Or A Porter?

Hywel and The Sun had persuaded me to eat a lot of bananas. Ursula had serious doubts about my ability to kick a football around or to dance in the rain with her, despite the benign presence of Magpie to ensure that I did not collapse.

My Rakhi Sister Gaelikaa gallantly came to my rescue and assured Ursula that I am quite capable. Grannymar discovered the truth about my eating habits.

I was on cloud nine.

The Independent and Jaci Stephen however have just shattered my euphoria. You will know why, when you read this poignant article. What has the world come to? A woman desires a man only to carry her baggage!

Who wants to be a Sherpa? Don’t I have enough baggage of my own to carry without having to oblige women with baggage? Would my readers like to see me like this?

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