A Blog In Response To Mr. L K Advani’s Blog.

Mr. L K Advani is a highly respected politician, unfortunately now in the opposition benches of our parliament. He has access to the media and his observations receive wide coverage in all forms of our media. Despite such popularity with the media, Mr. Advani blogs about his views in his blog Shri L.K. Advani’s Blog.

I am not a popular or unpopular politician. I am just a tax payer of this country like every other citizen of this country, who elect our politicians to our various elected bodies. I therefore do not have access to the media. I however have a blog of my own and I believe that I can address my concerns in this, my own blog.

Mr Advani, in his latest blog post says:

“I am of the view that those who revel in spreading a general climate of disdain about politics and politicians are doing a gross disservice to democracy.

“Despite the short comings of Indian democracy we still have conscientious and upright politicians in the country and it is they who still give people optimism and confidence for the future.”

“In my political life of over six decades, I personally have worked with Deendayal Upadhyaya, Jaya Prakash Narain, A.B. Vajpayee, and Nanaji Deshmukh who are role-models not only for those in politics, but for all Indians irrespective of their avocation.”

Mr. Advani, I and many others of my ilk do not despise politicians for being corrupt only. While that is indeed a major factor, there are other factors which generate bile in us.

The first and foremost among them is the fact that our elected politicians do not work and do what they get paid to do and get elected to do. They are expected to pass legislation to keep up with changing times. Please ask yourself if they do this to the extent that they are supposed to do. They also vote themselves fancy increments in emoluments and perquisites and give nothing in return.

Next, they are expected to debate in our legislative bodies and make amendments to proposed legislation. What they do instead, including your own party, is to disrupt proceedings, boycott sessions and generally cost a lot of tax payers money in sheer wastage.

There is also the phenomenon of buying and selling members of our legislative bodies. Is this what they are supposed to do? To do that, where do they get the funds from?

In other words, they politic rather than do what they are supposed to do.

Many of us also despise politicians for cornering freebies of all kinds including tickets for cricket matches. Can’t you afford to buy your own by standing in queues like the simpletons who do?

We also despise you for causing traffic jams every time one of you uses a convoy to go from any place to any other place. Similarly, we despise you for the gun toting guards that are provided to our politicians at tax payers’ cost. We also despise them for holding up flights and trains so that they can board and disembark at their convenience and at every other paying passenger’s inconvenience.

There are more Mr. Advani. Mr Hazare’s movement is the tip of the iceberg. The rest will emerge as days go by. This is a wake up call to you and other politicians Mr. Advani. Or at least I and many others like me, hope that it is.

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