A Cuckoo In The Nest.


Apparently this idiom is used in two senses. The first one being a suddenly developed problem which keeps growing in magnitude and the other being a member of a group not quite popular with the group but who is not kicked out by the group out of consideration of her/his sensibilities or inertia or because there are other factors working behind the scenes.

Let me briefly write about both by starting with the first. Both my hip joints suddenly started to be very painful and lateral movements became extremely difficult for me in December 1980. It was 18 months before it was diagnosed properly and it was another three years before a surgeon would agree to replace one hip and I had to wait for another two years before the second hip was also replaced. I had to be careful and give up a lot of things including golf but I managed to be pain free if somewhat careful about my movements till the year 2000 when both the hips started to give trouble and I had to get them revised through two surgeries back to back within three months of each other. Things statblised again till three years ago when one had to be revised again and I am back to restricted movements till the second one becomes too unmanageable before which time hopefully I would have gone off to meet my maker. That cuckoo is still very much in the nest and how it will all unfold is yet to be seen.

The other story is about a colleague who was my senior who I overtook. This man was a climber and not a team player in an environment which had a lot of bonhomie and team spirit. He meandered his way till retirement and I was at least able to prevent his getting an extension to his employment as it would have demotivated younger colleagues waiting in the queue to replace him. He kept the top in good humour and kept the bottom kicked till the very last day of his employment with us and he was the only cuckoo in the nest that I ever came across in a group setting despite having worked in a number of positions and been part of many other groups. Perhaps I was just lucky as I am sure that others would have many more in their lives. In retrospect, I am grateful to have had that man in my life as at least I have one experience to write about for this blog post.

Other than these two sharings of my life, I have nothing to offer my readers on this subject which was chosen by Padmum, a presently non participating member,  for the weekly Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium where five of us write on the same topic. The four other bloggers who write regularly are, in alphabetical order, Ashok gaelikaaMaxiShackman. Do drop in on their blogs and see what their take is on this week’s topic. Since some of them may post late, do give some allowance for that too! Ashok too is having prohlems with his blog being down and may or not participate this week.

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  1. I dare say our long overdue dance will have to stay in our imagination, or be very gentle indeed.

    I didn’t know about the interpretation of cuckoo nest as you give it. I grew up with the idea, and an endearing one it is, that the cuckoo’s parents (lazy bastards) would drop their egg into another bird’s nest. The “adopting” mother looking carefully after the monstrosity of an egg compared to the size of her own. And what do you know: On hatching she finds herself with a giant compared to her dwarfs. That story touched my heart. Still does. Feeding time must have been exhausting: Try and find enough worms for a fledgling cuckoo if you are the size of a swallow. Whilst keeping your own brood alive.

    Interesting thoughts within your post, Ramana: One size most certainly does not fit all. Yet, you can still fit in. If given enough space that is.

    Ursula recently posted..Dark

    1. The story of the cuckoo laying its egg in a crow’s nest is a global one and finds its way into many myths. That is for another day however.

      Coming to the more interesting topic of my size, getting enough space is what deters me from a more active life. Among the most dreaded things will be aircraft seats unless someone will bump me up into Business Class or better, first.

    1. Maria, I am sadly outdated as a Management Guru with values that do not synch with modern practices. I don’t indulge anymore unless someone specifically asks and I restrict myself to systems and procedures which have not changed from my times. I did talk about one Management issue about the party pooper in one of the companies that I worked for. A very common occurrence and something that few HR departments address with any success.

  2. IThis was actually an interesting topic although not well suited to my LBC approach – just see the tiopic and write. Might have been better to do some research – (me that is) but I did not. Oh well – does that make me this weeks LBC cuckoo in the nest??

  3. i’m the only cuckoo in my nest. and to tell you the truth …
    i’m sadly not up on my cuckoo knowledge. here it is … or was … something you called someone who’s acting crazy. or weird. as in
    “he’s gone cuckoo!” … probably an insult to a wonderful bird.
    i liked ursula’s story.
    yours makes me sad. about the hip problem i mean. not the genius handling of the other situation.
    i hope it gets no worse. i wish you didn’t have to look forward to even more surgery. good grief. i’m thinking they must be using faulty parts!!!
    tammyj recently posted..all you can stand

    1. It is not all that difficult Tammy. It is like an old car that needs its shock absorbers replaced when it is being used on rough terrain all the time. The engine and the transmission are still working fine!

  4. I was half expecting to see you write about a book by the same title as the topic this week.

    A book for anyone who’s been forced back to the family nest, parents who can’t shake off their adult kids, or anyone who’s ever excused themselves from a family gathering for a quick scream into a pile of towels. 😉
    Grannymar recently posted..The End is never the End ~ Part 5

  5. Brown-headed cowbirds here do the same thing – lay an egg into a wren’s nest. The bigger cowbird baby gets the lion’s share of the food and sometimes even kicks the little wrens right out of the next. But sometimes the wrens hold their own. Good metaphor for humans, to be sure.
    Secret Agent Woman recently posted..An evening out.

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