A Date With Ranjan.

It was not to be and yet to be something totally different.


On Monday, a friend of mine had booked tickets for the 5.30 pm show for Olympus Has Fallen. We reached the theater on time and after parking that car in the basement parking lot discovered that the sole elevator to the theater was under repairs. My friend’s wife was still wearing a plaster cast on her foot following a torn ligament and gamely hobbled her way up a flight of stairs, but anything more was beyond her. We therefore aborted the outing and succeeded in getting a full refund from the theater as well as the parking lot, thanks to a very efficient and understanding manager.

We went for a long drive and settled down comfortably for some tea and later for some excellent dinner at their home before calling it a day. They kindly dropped me off at home and that was that.

Earlier this morning my son and heir Ranjan offered to go to the movies with me and we went to see the same movie but in a different theater.

It was a totally unique experience going to the movies with Ranjan. I can’t even remember when it was the last time that I went to a movie with him. Thank you Ranjan. I enjoyed going to the movies with you. I hope we do it more often.

You want my opinion about the movie? I wanted to see it primarily because it had Morgan Freeman in it. His role was a let down. the rest of the movie was full of action and noise but entertaining.

The experience would have been better had it not been a holiday today for Holi. We were surrounded by morons who were noisy and using their mobile phones leading me to wonder why they go to movies at all.

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