A Good Night’s Sleep – Hopefully.

Since about two months ago I have been having constant pain in the upper back and finally it was diagnosed about two weeks ago as fibromyalgia. During the day time it is manageable but when I sleep if I have either the fan on or the air conditioner on, the pain increases and affects my sleep. If I don’t use either, mosquitoes trouble me and disturb the sleep. This year particularly, due to heavy pollution of our rivers with water hyacinth which is being removed but not as fast as I would like, the mosquito menace is higher than normal.

When we had first moved into our present home 28 years ago, we were more or less on the fringes of our city abutting farm lands, stud farms and woods. At that time since mosquito repellents were not available, we had taken recourse to nets. After a while we stopped using the nets as repellents were available but, now I find that my COPD gets aggravated if repellents are used. I therefore decided to go back to the good old mosquito nets and my daughter in love happily tooted off earlier this afternoon to fetch me one from the city.

The net hangs from a hook on the ceiling. The hook was inserted in 1990 when we had just bought the house. It is still strong enough to support the weight of the net!

Behind the bed to the right you can see parts of a chest of drawers. That is an antique piece made in Rhodesia in the fifties of the last century. I purchased it from a home returning expat in 1975 when it was already a quarter century old. It is still sturdy and very serviceable. Just above the chest you can see parts of a photograph. That is of my late wife Urmeela. From wherever she is, she would be happy to see me going back to the mosquito net!

I hope to be able to sleep soundly tonight.

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  1. definitely know all about FM – I don’t suffer from that but it is often linked to my ME/CFIDS

    but I do know all about sleep issues…somehow I work with a “flow” system, so if I need to kip during the day I do. But I’m often awake early because of vehicles leaving the other flat…

    sounds like mossie-net is going to interesting, I hope it helps…you might like to look for some alternative ideas for helping you get to sleep easier with the FM…

      1. I don’t take sleeping tablets either – but I was thinking more along the lines of what you are “lying on” or have over you “covering wise” – not referencing the net though… but looks like the Net was the solution…

  2. And I hope you will sleep well as well, all the nights from now on. We seem to have a lot in common in spite of the different countries and now I discovered that we even have COPD in common.

    1. I got my COPD thanks to years of smoking. I quit too late. I have no regrets. As long as I don’t exert myself much, it does not bother me unduly. I slept well last night and I am sure that I will henceforth thanks to the net.

  3. COPD, fibromyalgia, mosquitos……
    is there no end to the irritations?

    I’m finding our summer to be the worst I remember: if the doors are open the mosquitos eat everyone alive, if the doors are shut it’s like a sauna inside, the 20+ year old fan which appeared to be going on forever just stopped. It must have been this way before but maybe I’m becoming intolerant.

    I hope you geta long and satisying sleep!
    kylie recently posted..Life

    1. I can add a few more irritants to the list Kylie and I will do so at an appropriate time. I slept well last night and I am sure that I will henceforth thanks to the net.

  4. We have seen the price a person pays for chronic pain through Carly and my heart goes out to you! I send what healing and soothing energy that is mine to give for these maladies of the body. You’ve had more than your share, my friend.

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