A Little Puzzle.

My son took this photograph while I was having my lunch.
I was not aware that this photograph was being taken. Can you see what distracted me?

It is Koko at the bottom right peeping over the table for a tidbit!

11 thoughts on “A Little Puzzle.”

  1. oh Rummy.. the very best kind of distraction to have! 😀
    that little face just hoping for one delicious bite Grandad!

  2. What fun! I miss having a dog but both my husband and I believe it’s not a good time in our life to have one. If it we’re too young and spunky it could easily tripping it up. If it were too old it might just join the rest of us in being close to needing a caregiver. Hmm…sounds pessimistic…

    1. I understand. If I did not have my son and daughter in love living with me, I would not keep pets for exactly the same reasons that you mention. Now, I can enjoy both the children and the pets.

  3. I trained my dogs not to do this, mainly because of disturbing guests at dinner parties and also not being able to control their intake of food.

    However, you reminded me of one of my dogs who figured it all out and would stand on her hind legs in a corner when we had company in a begging position and I would break down, it was so adorable.


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