A Magnificent Story.

I came across this magnificent story and want to share it with all of my readers. It is simply too close to my heart, not to want to share.

The blog starts as follows:
“One of Mexico’s most biodiverse yet threatened natural areas is coming back to life as an innovative educator makes conservation profitable for the thousands of poor families who live in the Sierra Gorda Mountains.

Two decades ago, seeking a simpler life for her family, Martha Ruiz Corzo traded urban life for the backwoods of Mexico’s QuerĂ©taro State. Yet Ruiz Corzo, a teacher and musician, grew concerned as she watched forests disappear and rivers go dry. As the natural diversity of her new mountain environment diminished, many of her neighbours in search of jobs began to migrate to other countries.”

I am sure that you would like to read further and so leave you to do it by just going here.

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