A Mail From A Pakistani Friend.

I reproduce below an extract from a mail from a Pakistani friend with Indian relatives. This is not unusual and many families on both sides of the divide have relatives on the other side. We were one country once after all.

“Rummy, I know that you follow Thomas Friedman and am surprised that you have not blogged about his article. (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/01/opinion/01friedman.html?_r=1)

What is the problem dost*? Don’t tell me that you have become a dove in your old age.”

*Dost is Urdu for Friend.

I have had other regular readers asking me why I have stopped writing about Pakistan and terrorism.

There is no big mystery here, nor any change of heart.

Other, more capable writers, in the recent past, have been using many platforms to convey what I have been proclaiming for years about Pakistan’s establishment and its duplicity.

I have other things to write about.

Shoaib, does that answer you adequately?

I am not one however to let an opportunity slip out of my hands.

The problem with Pakistan has been highlighted by recent events now better than I or Thomas Friedman can ever do. Pakistan’s establishment has been shown to be what it is. Broke, without any credibility in the rest of the world and still prevaricating on India’s intentions. After some nudging from other sources, it has graciously accepted India’s offer of aid.

I still believe that if Pakistan stops being belligerent about India and drops the India bogey which helps the establishment remain in power, and most important, smashes the officially supported terror net work within its borders, Pakistan can take its rightful place in the community of nations of the world. Shoaib, will your establishment listen?

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