A Matter Of Perspective.


(Overheard at Cafe Coffee Day – PLEASE READ TILL THE END) Cafe Coffee Day is the Indian equivalent of Starbucks.


Boy : It is a failed state I tell you ! They just had an election but nothing will change – just wait and see they will not be able to pass any meaningful laws and bills to alleviate the suffering of it’s people . They will continue spending on arms and the Army despite being broke with a huge external debt !

Girl : Yes I agree

Boy : We have invited their leader once again but it will lead to nothing I tell you ! They will never change – they are the most selfish nation on earth – no wonder nobody likes them .

Girl : Hmm

Boy : The culture of violence continues every single day – shootings , bombings , kidnappings , killing of innocent people including women and children ; even teachers & school kids are not spared .

Girl : Yes terrible !

Boy : Not satisfied with that they regularly send their people to kill innocents in other countries also!

Girl : Yes , dreadful !

Boy : And they hob nob with China shamelessly !

Girl : Shocking !

Boy : The pity is they have such great culture , music , food , art , brains and natural resources – what a waste !

Girl : Tsk tsk !

Boy : Their human rights record is pathetic – they jail people without a trial in secret jails and torture them , discriminate against minority communities ( though the leader is also from a minority community ) , don’t pay women equal wages etc

Girl : Really ? I did not know that .

Boy : And the tragedy is that they do not protect their poor people from repeated natural calamities especially if it happens in the poorer belts .

Girl : So sad !

Boy : Yes it’ true . I wonder why anyone in their right minds would want to go there – it is a completely FAILED STATE !

Girl : I agree , Pakistan is a failed state !

Boy : Pakistan ? Who said anything about Pakistan ? I am talking about USA ! Didn’t you hear anything I have been saying ? I am not paying the bill for this coffee !

Thank you Fly-On-Cafe-Coffee-Day’s-Wall.

At a time when changes to the the immigration policy of the USA stand to affect or have an effect on Indian diaspora or wannabe emigres, this comes as a refreshing change.

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