A Matter Of Perspective.


(Overheard at Cafe Coffee Day – PLEASE READ TILL THE END) Cafe Coffee Day is the Indian equivalent of Starbucks.


Boy : It is a failed state I tell you ! They just had an election but nothing will change – just wait and see they will not be able to pass any meaningful laws and bills to alleviate the suffering of it’s people . They will continue spending on arms and the Army despite being broke with a huge external debt !

Girl : Yes I agree

Boy : We have invited their leader once again but it will lead to nothing I tell you ! They will never change – they are the most selfish nation on earth – no wonder nobody likes them .

Girl : Hmm

Boy : The culture of violence continues every single day – shootings , bombings , kidnappings , killing of innocent people including women and children ; even teachers & school kids are not spared .

Girl : Yes terrible !

Boy : Not satisfied with that they regularly send their people to kill innocents in other countries also!

Girl : Yes , dreadful !

Boy : And they hob nob with China shamelessly !

Girl : Shocking !

Boy : The pity is they have such great culture , music , food , art , brains and natural resources – what a waste !

Girl : Tsk tsk !

Boy : Their human rights record is pathetic – they jail people without a trial in secret jails and torture them , discriminate against minority communities ( though the leader is also from a minority community ) , don’t pay women equal wages etc

Girl : Really ? I did not know that .

Boy : And the tragedy is that they do not protect their poor people from repeated natural calamities especially if it happens in the poorer belts .

Girl : So sad !

Boy : Yes it’ true . I wonder why anyone in their right minds would want to go there – it is a completely FAILED STATE !

Girl : I agree , Pakistan is a failed state !

Boy : Pakistan ? Who said anything about Pakistan ? I am talking about USA ! Didn’t you hear anything I have been saying ? I am not paying the bill for this coffee !

Thank you Fly-On-Cafe-Coffee-Day’s-Wall.

At a time when changes to the the immigration policy of the USA stand to affect or have an effect on Indian diaspora or wannabe emigres, this comes as a refreshing change.

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  1. As soon as I started to read I knew it would end with the US. My country may not be perfect, but I have family members who put their life on the line to help people in other countries obtain freedom.

    The most selfish nation on earth?
    No country in the world gives as much as we do to help the poor and suffering. All my life we have sent medical supplies, financial aid and people to help those who are hurting.

    The American people care about others; we dig into our pockets and give pennies if it’s all we have. Some of our doctors spend their vacations and their own money to perform operations in poor countries.

    The American people also suffer at the hands of the present administration. Especially the elderly, like me. When my husband passed away my income was cut in half.

    Still, the present administration froze my social security, raised my medicare payments and cut my benefits.

    The list goes on Rummy, but I am too upset to continue.
    blessings ~ maxi
    Maxi recently posted..Grass Is Shootin’ Outta the Clouds

    1. No need to be upset. I am upset with my country and I am writing a sequel about that. As I said to Cheerful Monk, the punchline could have been India instead of Pakistan.

    2. I agree with you, Maxi. And we all recognize our faults as a country and we also recognize our virtues. One can only hope that the people of all countries do the same, since we are a global community.
      Talk to Me…I’m Your Mother recently posted..Happy 21

  2. i also thought it would be about america.
    looney and monk’s comments about the culture made me laugh! it’s true. although it has come a long way.
    the gap between the cultured or more educated and the followers of the nanny boo boo’s or whatever she is and the ‘swamp people’ for god’s sake! . . . well the gap gets wider and wider.
    maxi’s statements were also true. american people are among the most generous in the world. first responders to loss of any kind anywhere.
    but we are also everything the boy and girl talked about.
    i wish though maxi ~ for you and so many others ~ that you could see that it is not always the ‘current’ administration that is causing all the woes. it’s ALL the administrations. the last one started a war that used up a surplus and raised the debt to the trillions mark. and yes… the current one has done no better. raising it even further. but to blame only one is wrong in my book. it takes ALL the crappy politicians to ruin a country. not just whichever one is in office at the time.
    am i saying they’re ALL CRAPY? you bet.
    tammyj recently posted..little kc

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