A Matter Of Perspective II

Time for another sequel.

I did not quite open a Pandora’s Box. At least not in the way I thought I would.

Two responses were humbling. I leave my readers to go to the comments and see the one that stands out for the pain that it conveys.

The other from a very dear friend, a man not usually driven to dramatics who mailed his response to me in a separate email. He said “That’s us – the big bad – some day we’ll be as moral and wonderful as everybody else.” and he enclosed this clip.

I can identify with both because I too am in pain with what is going on in my own country. A great country that can achieve much more than what it has but is managed by a bunch of corrupt clowns who are not allowed to do the least amount of governing by a short sighted and immature opposition. A country that offers much to be proud of but at the same time much to be ashamed of also.

I suppose that we are all the same every where. Good people with bad governments.

8 thoughts on “A Matter Of Perspective II”

  1. thank you.
    i had never seen that.
    it was good.
    in my humble opinion we are the most puffed up. self serving. self important. morally perverse. hypocritical. ecologically crippled. nation in the world.
    and don’t get me wrong. i am a patriot.
    but we are like the mother of a bully. my child right or wrong.
    there was a saying going around years ago… you heard it all the time…
    “america. love it or leave it.”
    i would like to start a new saying “america. love it and fix what’s wrong.”
    two wonderful thought-provoking posts rummy!
    kudos to you for making us think!
    tammyj recently posted..little kc

  2. How can we be blameless if we elect the corrupt politicians?? The key – IMHO – is as you stated – A country that offers much to be proud of but at the same time much to be ashamed of also.

  3. Ah, but we have some responsibility for our bad governments. Change in politics may not be my individual mission, but I recognize that what I do, what I say, how I vote, who I support and how I spend my money make a difference. Change begins with me. I hate getting into the big “us”, “you” and “THEM”, because it creates even more labels; however, I will say that “They” in the government, are “us” as a country…whether we like it or not. They are like the movie industry…they do not form the opinions and culture of the country, they reflect it.
    Hmmm. Shall I push the “Post It” button?
    Talk to Me…I’m Your Mother recently posted..Happy 21

  4. Meaningless drama.

    There is a big problem with admitting that you aren’t the greatest nation: As soon as you do this, a thousand snake oil prescriptions to “fix” the problem pop up that will only make things worse. And anyone who does not approve of the fixes will be condemned.
    Looney recently posted..Tatanka

    1. I recently made a mistake of calling the USA and India as the oldest and the largest democracies and got some flack for it. I should have called both as plutocracies.

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