A Matter Of Perspective II

Time for another sequel.

I did not quite open a Pandora’s Box. At least not in the way I thought I would.

Two responses were humbling. I leave my readers to go to the comments and see the one that stands out for the pain that it conveys.

The other from a very dear friend, a man not usually driven to dramatics who mailed his response to me in a separate email. He said “That’s us – the big bad – some day we’ll be as moral and wonderful as everybody else.” and he enclosed this clip.

I can identify with both because I too am in pain with what is going on in my own country. A great country that can achieve much more than what it has but is managed by a bunch of corrupt clowns who are not allowed to do the least amount of governing by a short sighted and immature opposition. A country that offers much to be proud of but at the same time much to be ashamed of also.

I suppose that we are all the same every where. Good people with bad governments.

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