A New Addition To The Family.

Koko has been under foster care in a kennel run by Manjiree’s sister Vandana and her husband Bala. She is blind and as such has not found a home for herself.

Enter Manjiree and Ranjan.

Two days ago, while I was in my most relaxed and comfortable with my own devices, Ranjan quietly came next to me and asked if we could adopt another dog. He explained that Koko was blind and the volunteers were unable to find a home for her. I readily agreed and the result is here.


Ranjan photobombing.

Will post more as time passes.

25 thoughts on “A New Addition To The Family.”

  1. Oh my heart! How wonderful that Koko has chosen you all to spend precious time with.

    On a wet, damp, wet snow day, you cheered me up immensely!


    1. Chutki resents her and it will take some time for her to accept her and her handicap. It is when Koko unknowingly enters her territory because of her blindness that the former gets annoyed and snaps at her. I guess that a few more weeks should make it alright.

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