A Painful Experience.

Yes, I got bitten by a dog for the first time ever in my life.

I have grown up with pet dogs and have almost always had a dog or two at home and have also interacted with many pet dogs of friends and relatives. I have however not experienced what I did two evenings ago when a pet dog of a friend of mine decided that it would not be friendly and bit me hard on my hand that I had stretched towards it to pet and make friends with it.

It has been a very painful experience despite medication and treatment. I now realise how difficult it would be for someone with only one hand to manage alone in today’s world.

A great lesson learnt and to be thankful for what I have. Also gratitude that I have got away so lightly compared to some others who have paid greater prices for being careless with dogs.

This is the current state of my left hand. Swollen and with two band-aids covering the deepest of the wounds. There are eight more that have dried up which do not need band-aids any more.
Have you ever been bitten by a dog?

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  1. I have a scar on my face from a dog bite decades ago, and other than that my experience mirrors yours. I once picked up my wife’s cousin’s Newfoundland – 250 or so pounds of dog. As an adult, he had never been picked up and boy did he freak out,

  2. No, glad to say I’ve never been bitten by a dog. I wonder what got into this dog, that it reacted so aggressively to your friendly gesture. Usually a dog will only take against you if it sees your behaviour as intrusive or annoying.

  3. Ouch Ramana. So sorry to hear this. Was your hand over the dog’s head? I am curious. I’ve worked with dogs and for a stranger to put a hand over the dog’s head is a sign of aggression to the dog. I just put a hand out, palm down about a foot from the dog’s face and let it come and smell it (or not, as the case may be).

    heal, my friend.

    1. Yes, you are right. That was the mistake I made which I was informed about after the event. A lesson learnt. I have healed about 80% and should be fine in another couple of days. Thank you WWW.

  4. definitely looks like “major ouch territory” – hope you are going to heal up again – and be back to being a 2 handed man…

    and no I’ve not been bitten by a dog, cats yes… and a human, but the human was a very old lady who happened to have dementia – who I was trying to shower at the time, things were not good that day. I ended up with a tetanus jab and a finger that was not well for some weeks…

    1. I am already a two handed person albeit with some discomfort on the left hand. I should be normal in another couple of days. Thank you.

      That must have been an interesting experience being bitten by a lady! I haven’t been.

  5. Oh, I’m so sorry you were bitten and hope you continue to heal well. The only time I was bitten by dogs was when I was defending a young female dog I was teaching to walk on a leash. A neighbor’s three dogs attacked her as we walked past their drive headed home. She was on her back with the dust so thick the attacking dogs were kicking up I could barely see her as I bent over to try and pick her up. I recalled glancing behind me to see a dog but was completely oblivious to what the dog did. My dog was just snapping at everything and bit my finger. I managed to get her up and walked the quarter mile home. The dogs didn’t chase us. Once there my mother discovered tooth marks in the cheek of one buttock and flesh hanging out of the most serious injury on the back of one of my legs — tooth bite mark scars and the larger area scars are still visible. They all eventually healed and the minor bite finger scar disappeared. My dog had no injuries. I’m lucky that when I was bent over the dogs didn’t bite my face. I continue to have no fear of dogs, love them and have successfully interacted with any I’ve had contact.

  6. Dude (that’s how I sometimes open conversations when I’ve been shocked lol)! As much as I love dogs, I never, EVER, have just reached out to pet a dog. What you’re supposed to do is ball your hand into a fist and allow the dog to sniff the back of your hand. If the dog doesn’t do that, you immediately know to pull away. If it does and decided you’re okay, the dog will lick your fist and then you’ve been welcomed.

    Sorry you had that experience, but you had a nice long lucky ride. 🙂
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Dad, Mom And Computers

    1. I am sorry that I had missed responding to these comments Mitch. I did all the preliminary approach correctly, despite which the dog decided to get aggressive. I subsequently found out that it has been rescued from a bad situation and has been known to be like this with others too. A lesson learnt in any case.

      Thank you for the detailed advice.

  7. I once opened a door in a clients house, to find her husky on a bed. I had met the dog successfully in the past and reached out to pat him. He didn’t do any damage but his teeth made contact and it scared the life out of me!
    It was my mistake, encroaching on the bed. If we’ve had easy, well adjusted dogs we suppose they are all like that and learn the hard way!

    Our Harry bit everyone in our house except me, it took us a while to understand his behaviour and then he had some relapses when we were becoming over confident.

    I’m pleased to see you are doing better.

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