A Productive Outing.

I am grateful to two young friends from my alumni association who gave me a grand and unforgettable time yesterday.

Among the many things that fell by the wayside due to the advent of the refrigerator and frequent transfers, was the use of clay pots for storing drinking water in our home. One of the most refreshing drinks in India’s hot climate, somehow I lost this wonderful drink many decades ago.

During my childhood, we did not have a refrigerator at home and depended entirely on water from clay pots in all the homes that we went to. Just thinking about it brings back memories of the unique taste of that water,

I had gone to two young friends places for lunch and post lunch meeting yesterday. The former was another journey down memory lane as I was entertained with some old fashioned food that my mother used to make and talks in my mother tongue Tamil with some folk of my age and also some entertaining discussions with two very smart young people about current affairs. In the bargain was included a cute young girl with the most unusual and charming Sanskrit name Trayi.

Later with another young friend after a short journey in 41 Deg F heat, I was asked by him if I wanted water from a clay pot in preference to refrigerated water. I was zapped and I promptly agreed and I was given water from a clay flask, a completely new vessel for me.
That water opened a flood of memories and I thanked my host profusely and he promptly arranged to get two bottles for me as gifts.

This is innovation at its best and I am impressed with the potter who has thought up this design for modern day use of a traditional vessel.

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