A spark of inspiration!

An exchange on Facbook.

CJS:  Well, it’s OK but what happened to that Hercules body you added to your Profile Picture?

CJS was referring to this avatar:


Me:  CJS, that was like the Michelin Man full of gas. It just deflated.  APR, are you listening?


15 thoughts on “A spark of inspiration!”

  1. i wish you face were put upon the michelin man. now he’s cute.
    that lumpy body builder’s body… GROSS!
    i don’t do sites like facebook… twitter… lindekin… and the others.
    sometimes i wish i did. but then i don’t.
    i see that you really enjoy it though! that’s nice.
    tammyj recently posted..george

  2. RR, are we still on about this? I’ve already replied to your earlier post , ‘Fantasising’ – I like you MUCH better as you are. Stop fishing.


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