A Walk Among The Tombstones.


It is strange that there was never a trailer in any of the recent films that I saw in theaters about the release of this film.  So, when I saw the advertisements for it in the newspapers the only thing that attracted to me was the fact that Liam Neeson was acting in it.  I have been a fan of his since his Schindler’s List hit Indian theaters.

My friend Ramesh and I have a pact;  we must see at least one film a week together followed by a snack or a meal and we have been able to keep that going for quite some time now. So, I rang him up and suggested that we see this together yesterday and we duly did that.  We also fulfilled the second part of the pact by having some very nice snacks and tea at the food court in the mall where the theater is located.  I was also able to do some long overdue shopping at the mall.  All in all a good afternoon’s outing in good company.

This week promises to be more interesting as we both have not seen a highly rated Hindi film and it is likely that we will go to it before the week is over.  If it is of some relevance to my regular readers, I shall review that too after seeing it.  In the meanwhile, here goes my review of A Walk Among The Tombstones.

Unlike most films, this films does not depend on any female actress for any contribution other than as some background information. That makes it very unusual. It also unapologetically brings in the Twelve Step Program of the Alcoholics Anonymous as part of the background but that fits in perfectly with the story and the characters using that in the storyline.

It is a powerful story told simply and the violence is not over board like many new detective stories now a days tend to be.  Characters develop nicely and the director ensures that the actors deliver credible performances.  And my favourite actor delivers a memorable performance.  I give the film [rating=6].  Having thoroughly enjoyed the film I am contemplating getting the book to read too!


8 thoughts on “A Walk Among The Tombstones.”

  1. I just watched a trailer – way to much murder and killing for me. We have enough of that on the streets here on a daily basis without paying good money to see it on screen….That is without the new world war we are being let into at the moment.
    Grannymar recently posted..Link in or out

  2. I’ve been a Liam Neeson fan since the 80s – he was in a Dirty Harry film called The Dead Pool. He is extraordinarily versatile and is equally at home playing a badass action hero or the highly dramatic stuff like Schindler’s List. I kook forward to seeing this one,
    shackman recently posted..All’s well that ends well.

    1. Odd that I seem to have completely missed the entire Dirty Harry series of films and on your reference went researching for them. I now realise that they came out when I was out of circulation. I have just ordered for the entire album of five DVDs of the series. Thank you Shackman.

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