No, I have not invented a new word. Let me explain.

I placed an order online for a book with a local book seller in Pune just before the lockdown. I have been keen to read the book and so have been calling them up on and off to find out when they will send the book only to be told that it will be as soon the as the lockdown is lifted.

Many establishments have been allowed to open since the last few days and hoping that perhaps this establishment too would have opened, I called them again yesterday and after some investigation, the lady on the phone informed me that I should not worry and that the book will be sent to me after aatjun. I requested the lady a few times to be more clear blaming the poor quality of the phone line connection and she kept on repeating aatjun.

Please remember that this conversation is taking place in Hindi, and so in exasperation, I requested the lady to repeat the term in English and the mystery was solved. She meant “8th June”. Aat in Hindi is the numeral eight and pronounced June as Jun.

I should hopefully get the book by mid next week.


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  1. Deliveries here seem to all be delayed and/or uncertain. Sometimes, though, the delivery dates change drastically. Karen had ordered some blueberry plants a few weeks ago with the expected delivery date in August. She now has a notification that it will be Monday.
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    1. I have experienced that kind of change of delivery dates too. Things are now slowly getting back to normal here and I expect to receive some parcels in the coming week that were due eight weeks ago.

  2. Ha, Ha. I am relieved that someone else gets confused with language that is orally presented. I have been known to reply politely “no comprendo espanol”, and I be told that person was speaking in English. Oh, sorry!
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  3. whilst we were in full-on Lockdown, you could order all kinds of things online, and the goods would come quite quickly. I had to get a new landline portable phone – it was here in about 5 days.

    But when I ordered some items in the next level down, I was still waiting for one of the packages something like 2 weeks…and when it finally came, it was via a guy bought in “to clear backlog” and he said “I don’t have any idea what I’m doing…”

    At first it was regular courier driver with whatever mainstream company and he would be busy but he wasn’t working 7 days a week, now he is because way more people are using “online services”. The last food box order came in an unmarked van with a guy, who wasn’t wearing regulation company clothing, I don’t think he had packed the van, as he spent ages looking for my boxes – his van was quite full of boxes. He said he had taken the job on as an “extra”

    But I’m scratching my head over the online ordering “now” as one can go shopping in a regular store…it should basically be back to “normality” … which what did happen when I suddenly found that I could get my food, how I used to do it!

    1. Actually it is a hobson’s choice. The accuracy of face to face ordering or physically inspecting and purchasing vis a vis the convenience of online ordering or telephoning. The problem is usually with untrained people manning customer service telephone centres which can cause such hilarious situations.

  4. I about burst out laughing at this! Then you should have heard the conversation just now between husband and myself. But you would have to know us to see the hilarity of it.

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