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RR at wedding
Hello!  I am Ramana Rajgopaul affectionately called Ramana, Rummy, Rummu, Raj, Gopal, Bhaiyya, Sala etc.  More formally, I am also called, Mr. Rajgopaul, Sir and the odd Mr. Ramana too. I am also called Ramana Sir by some very interesting people. I have tried to get them to call me Sir Ramana without success. Another young reader pointed out that he calls me Uncleji and that should be included here. Various grand nieces and grand nephews also call me Thattha, which is Thamizh for grand father.

I will be 79 years old in June 2022. I am a retired Management Professional with a need to write to stay sane. I use this blog as a vehicle to write about whatever occurs to me.  I hope to receive a lot of comments which will help me along the way to nirvana.

1147781_10201073044120946_1899960161_oI live with my Multimedia Professional son Ranjan and his lovely wife Manjiree, who I call my daughter in love, in Pune, Maharashtra, India.  We have been in Pune, India from 1990 and I hope to spend the rest of my life here. I lost my wife in March 2009 after forty years of marriage.

When I am asked as sometimes I am, much to my dislike, what I do, I reply one of the following:
1. I am a retired hippy.
2. I am a Putra sevak. Translated from Sanskrit it means, I am a son server.
3. I stopped doing a long time ago.
4. I solve crossword puzzles.

I enjoy writing, mentoring and training young people and somehow, I seem to attract quite a few of them often.

As can be seen from my tagline, I strongly believe that all wisdom is by hindsight and I am willing to share my wisdom for what it is worth, with those interested.

If you wish to contact me you can mail me at rrajgopaul at gmail dot com. I will normally respond immediately as long as the communication is not offensive.

41 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. Be my guest, but I am puzzled as to why you would want to at all! I hope that you would visit my blog posts and comment when it will make some sense.

  1. Where is my Novel? When did it go out of the window? Or in the trash? Your story of 99… and my next lesson as Wisdom in Hindsight!
    Does your removing the novel thing mean you have stopped teaching/mentoring?

  2. I actually clicked on thinking it was something to do with Ramana Maharishi while searching for religious quotes relating to parents and children. My sister’s special needs class is making picture frames and they are to put quotes in them.
    I am slightly younger than you,at 53 so maybe Bhaiyya or Mamaji,I don’t know which. I have a hard time getting the younger members in my service organisation to even use Akka.
    Very sorry to hear about your wife but you must have had an incredible 40 years together.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

      I am called by that glorious name too by some friends who think that since I don’t drink I am a Maharishi. In fact I was named after the Maharishi. Bhayya or Mamaji will do just fine.

      Yes, we had an incredible forty years together and I miss her.

      Nothing ever happens without a reason. Your coming to my blog has a purpose behind it and I hope to see you more often here.

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