If only she would allow me to photograph her when she looks like this, I would have taken a photograph of Chutki to show how much she misses Ranjan. This is exactly the expression that she has more or less constantly and no amount of cheering her up by Manjiree or me would change that. She is listless in ‘his’ absence.

Ranjan has gone to Bengaluru for a few days and till he returns on Tuesday afternoon, she is  unlikely to change her expression.

I suppose that if someone took my photograph now, I too will have a hangdog expression like that because, I too miss him. When he is here, I hardly get to talk to him as, he is busy with his own affairs but, I simply miss his presence in the house.

The less said the better about Manjiree. She too is moping around as though the heat is not enough to depress us.

All three of us are missing him. I shall post a photograph of Chutki after his return to show what a difference it makes to her life when he is around.

10 thoughts on “Absence.”

  1. poor little Chutki. at least you and Manjiree KNOW he’s coming back.
    Chutki has no way of knowing that! just that he has gone from her life.
    don’t you wish you could talk with them? in the meantime … just lots of love for that little one. xo

    1. I suspect that she understands when we tell her that Ranjan will soon be back but, she still wants to be a drama queen! Not missing him as much as not having been taken with him!

  2. sad but fabulous at the same time…I hope Ranjan is prepared for having to roll about on the floor with Chukti when he returns. I suspect he won’t be expecting you to roll on the floor though in appreciation “he’s home again”….

    1. Chutki went to the airport to receive him earlier today and, the first thing that they did on reaching home was to have a great roll on the ground. I shall send you a photograph by mail. No, I did not join them!!

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