My young neighbour Ravi needed to come and see me about something and wanted to call me first to see if I was free. He did not have my telephone number and so asked another neighbour Gul for it. Gul promptly sent an SMS to Ravi who saw that it was from Gul and used the number given in the message to call me.

The fun started. One whole day was spent by Ravi calling that number which was all the time engaged.

He finally got one of his employees to come over yesterday to talk to me and to take the correct telephone number. I was at my siesta and so Ranjan gave him my telephone number with the request that I should be called only in the morning hours.

Ravi called me this morning and on my agreeing to see him came over and spent some time with me sharing this story with me.

The reason he decided to send someone personally to meet me was because, he finally got disgusted yesterday morning and sent a text message to the number that he thought was mine. A couple of minutes later, he got a ping and on opening his phone’s message box, found his own message staring at him. On checking the number again, he discovered that Gul had sent Ravi, Ravi’s own telephone number and Ravi had not noticed it at all!

Have you heard anything like this ever?

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  1. I have heard people say that they don’t remember their own number because they never dial it !

    1. Nandu, precisely. Some people do crosswords, I try to remember my phone number, the numerals preferably in the right order. And I do and I do and I do. For heaven’s sake I was brought up on reciting whole poems by heart, and the tables back to front.

      Enter another evil making demands on your brain cells:: Passwords. Passwords and I are on no good footing. God damn it: My passwords are works of art (medium strength, simple yet stylish), and yet two days later I have to sneak in through the backdoor of “Forgotten password?”. : Yes. Indeed. Thanks for humiliating me. Probably shouldn’t admit to this as I have no desire to go down in your esteem but I now keep a handwritten log of passwords. Which, just to keep the cycle of despair going, never seems to be on hand when I need it.

      Ursula recently posted..At your peril

      1. Nothing wrong with that I have all my passwords for various sites written down ( probably around 2 dozen or more ) . I started with just one easy one but different sites have different rules about passwords ( lower case , capitals , numerals , number of characters , use of # @ etc . To make matters worse they have different User Name rules ! And the 3 questions with secret answers – pets name , mothers maiden name …, and then of course there are the PIN’s …it’s a conspiracy I tell you ! And despite all this rubbish as you know my credit card was hacked , my yahoo account contact list hacked ! Thank goodness my wife does not ask for a password to let me in the front door – the milk man will probably find me dead on the doormat in the morning !

  2. Have I “heard anything like that ever”? Probably, Ramana. However, my own attention span being as long as a piece of string finds it difficult to follow the intricacies of other people’s crossed wires. If someone asked me (after one reading of the above) to repeat the narrative, even when threatened with torture, I wouldn’t have a clue to save my life.

    Anyway, main thing is you have found each other. Hope it was worth it.

    Which reminds me: Ranjan to the rescue!

    Ursula recently posted..At your peril

    1. You are in excellent company. Don’t flog yourself. There are a lot of folks out in the world in the same condition.

      What will I ever do without Ranjan to rescue me Ursula? On the other hand, he is likely to reciprocate the same sentiment about me. We complement each other.

    1. Yes Max, the greatest advantage of a retired life is the siesta. I enjoy 90 minutes of bliss and to wake up to a steaming hot mug of ginger tea is something that I miss when I am away from home.

  3. I do remember several facts here.

    Ramana has siestas, how delightful.
    He must NOT be interrrupted.
    He has specific times for calls.
    He has eccentric friends – a major plus.

    wisewebwoman recently posted..Shut up Clint!

    1. You have summed it all up nicely bar one detail. Ramana too is an eccentric fellow! Another detail of lesser importance is that he has Ranjan to protect his siesta,

    1. Ravi is a very busy businessman Maxi and yes he was quite keen to meet me on a rather ticklish issue. We have now met and things are moving at a brisk pace.

  4. I suspect we do things, without actually looking at them…so when we have a “moment of doubt” we can’t remember exactly how something goes. I have that from time to time with my banking internet number…and the other week, a friend asked me the 4-digit number of a building alarm and I said the entire wrong number….because I don’t think about it when I punch in the numbers!
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