My young neighbour Ravi needed to come and see me about something and wanted to call me first to see if I was free. He did not have my telephone number and so asked another neighbour Gul for it. Gul promptly sent an SMS to Ravi who saw that it was from Gul and used the number given in the message to call me.

The fun started. One whole day was spent by Ravi calling that number which was all the time engaged.

He finally got one of his employees to come over yesterday to talk to me and to take the correct telephone number. I was at my siesta and so Ranjan gave him my telephone number with the request that I should be called only in the morning hours.

Ravi called me this morning and on my agreeing to see him came over and spent some time with me sharing this story with me.

The reason he decided to send someone personally to meet me was because, he finally got disgusted yesterday morning and sent a text message to the number that he thought was mine. A couple of minutes later, he got a ping and on opening his phone’s message box, found his own message staring at him. On checking the number again, he discovered that Gul had sent Ravi, Ravi’s own telephone number and Ravi had not noticed it at all!

Have you heard anything like this ever?

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