Addiction To Smart Phones.

I did not know that my son Ranjan was  annoyed with the way his life got tied up to his cellphone.  He received a parcel from Amazon and on opening it as I was nearby, he showed me what he had bought.

He has just got himself a Feature Phone which reminds me of my very first mobile phone.  Mine was not a flip phone as this one is but, it had the same kind of keyboard and functions as this one has.  Many features that my current Smart Phone has is absent in it.

And, just before I organised my thoughts on how to go about writing a blog post on this development, I received a link to a very interesting article on the same subject from a dear friend.  Synchronicity at it again!

I am not as tied to my smart phone as Harford was but, I too am seriously considering going off social media for some time to see what changes it brings about in my life.

Would you?

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  1. As you know, I don’t have a cell phone, not even a smart one. Which, as I have mentioned here before, does have its disadvantages. Still, whilst now considering getting one (way of least resistance in a world where some will freeze you out if they can’t text you) I am still holding out. The last bastion.

    Regarding your question: Not sure what constitutes “social media”. If I understand the term correctly the only “social media” I do is communicating via email and, of course, throwing inane comments on very few blogs, mostly those whose owners I am emotionally attached to.

    You know, Ramana, in my mind, and my daily life, I live my earliest childhood. With my grandparents. It was peaceful.


    PS May I add, before I forget, that the Angel is, considering the times he lives in by virtue of his young age, extraordinarily disciplined with his smartphone. No rush, no distraction, in the moment.

    1. So am I but, some of my family members and/or friends get offended if I don’t respond to messages posted on WhatsApp. I check it once every hour. I have gone off Twitter on my phone but get alerts on my computer which I use every afternoon for an hour or two.

      That is a frightening story!

  2. I’m like Ursula in that I’ve had no cell phone for the last few years and I don’t miss it. I only used it in emergencies… i.e. car trouble etc.
    but I drive even less now. so I haven’t gotten one.
    I’m not on Facebook and Zuckerberg needed to augment the power of his 81 billion dollar dynasty apparently… so now I’m not allowed to see pictures on Instagram unless I join Facebook. no thank you.

    I think I told you before but the marine and I were having breakfast one morning at IHOP and literally every single person in the restaurant was holding a phone! there was no interaction! even small children had their own. we were the only ones not locked into a cell phone or smart phone or whatever they’re calling the newest version. (and these same people are DRIVING with those things)
    it was appalling to me! like being in a place on another planet!
    kudos to Ranjan!

    1. I have blogged about the phenomenon of families sitting together in restaurants and intensely working their mobile phones. This addiction also leads to accidents with people texting or talking and getting distracted while driving. It has been some days since Ranjan got the new phone and he seems quite happy with his decision.

  3. I have used computers for so long that a smartphone was just a natural extension of that. Usage is unique to the individual, of course. I see a lot of people at the gym using theirs to listen to their music playlist. Karen sometimes listens to an audiobook. Recently, while I’ve been walking the track, I’ve been listening to recordings of local video webcasts on local issues, getting to know the thinking on local issues prior to our March 3rd primary election.

    I also listen to a local radio talk show, monitoring it to see if anything is said about the issues I been participating in. No names are given by callers when they call in, but regulars, over time get to be known by nicknames. Well, a fellow known as “Chester Drawers” is running for a county council seat and is known for a number of things, including being against the casino. Well, a couple of days ago, he made a claim that our 7-month-old grassroots Facebook group was funding people running for seats all over the county, which is ridiculous since the group doesn’t even have a bank account. I shared that information with the lady who started the group and within a few minutes she was on the show debunking part of it.

    That all “blew up” on our Facebook group with a lot of interesting discussions. One lady, who used to work at that radio station, sent me the following via Messenger:

    “All kidding aside, I believe he is a dangerous man. He threatened me and other females on staff. His own mother called the station and told Johnny she was afraid of him. He lived in Mississippi and came back here years ago to live with his mom. No job here, ever. Probably still driving his old car with out of state tags. He would come and ruin our remotes, but he did come to one remote (broadcast) we had at Car Mart, signed up to win a Harley, and he won. Problem was he signed up as Chester Drawers. When they called his name he came running up to claim his prize. I told him I would need his LICENSE that proved he was that person. He said you know my license doesn’t have that name on it. I said what I do know is you have to prove your Chester Drawers with a ID. He couldn’t. It was a great day!!”

    All of that was done using my smartphone – my portable computer that fits in my pocket.

    Amazing times!

  4. I will just have to admit I and totally plugged in. Although I am not on Facebook because my family has abanoned it, I do check in on the instgram every few days to see whatmy grandchildren are up to. With other grandkids it is twitter. I text members of my family regularly with quotes and articles of interest because that’s how I can connect with them. B delete thatecause I stay in contact in other ways, they are happy to spare me a bit of time when I can appear in the flesh. Not often, but I’ll take what I can get…

    My friends have gotten used to texting to, but we meet regularly and talk on the phone, to0 this is. Texting is a do you convenient way to share information about where and when.

    1. I am no saint and am also plugged in part time. I don’t however let it run my life for me. I do a number of other things and use the computer for my mail and facebook. I have stopped tweeting.

  5. I know social media is like crack cocaine so I do put boundaries around it. I get so many personal emails that I have to ignore most of them to preserve my sanity. I never did do Whats App and I am grateful as I know it would eat up a lot of my time with many family members in Europe on it. FB I’ve lost a lot of interest in apart from some groups I founded and/or am part of. Not too many. I am fussy.

    Instagram is losing appeal rapidly and Twitter has descended into extreme censorship.

    All this to say I am thinking of a sabbatical too but will maintain my blog and reading my favourite blogs which amounts to an hour or so a day all told, if that. My phone is an android but I put it away so often when out (even when others rudely stare at their screens, never quite present in the conversation) that I feel it is manageable, give me a good book any day or some writing.

    I started off on the flip phone, gosh 30 years ago? Big clunky thing with its darling keyboard. One of my brothers gets a smart phone modified to flip and keyboard, costs a fortune but he doesn’t care.


    1. I have seen the flip version of the smart phone and it is very appealing but not for me thank you. I registered some years ago in instagram but never used it and frankly, I don’t even know how to.

  6. I’m a bit behind again with blog posts – one of the “things” I don’t have with my phone is a data package or whatever they are called, so I’m reliant on finding free wi-fi spots when I’m outta the house. Yes it makes certain things difficult – like the AT app which would show me if the bus had come and gone or delayed…but then nowadays I don’t really care, if I have to sit and people watch for however long before another one comes. And if I’m down at the hub, one of occasional friends might be there to chat with….
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Something magic this morning

    1. Over here, one cannot have a connection without a data package and so we have both wifi and data usage in smart phones. When I go out of the house, I rarely see the phone unless there is an incoming call. This saves me from getting obsessed with the gadget instead of enjoying the passing parade.

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