Addled Brain.

This story involves two friends and my addled brain. Enjoy the ride.

To start with, I have been down with a chest infection which, because it is the third time that I have caught it this season, has caused my entire system including my brain, to function below its normal capacity.

Coming to my two friends, one, let us call him NS, has just returned from a visit to a hospital to undergo multiple cardiac surgeries and interventions. He is well on the way to recovery but, is more or less restricted to his home resting and recovering. I thought that it would be a good idea to send something light for him to read to keep him at least partly occupied and amused.

Comes into this story my second friend, let us call him PS, who is a Management Consultant who writes articles to a few newspapers on Management, Economics, Politics and / or whatever comes to his mind. He got many of these articles published in a book form as an anthology, and reading a couple of very good reviews by a couple of other friends from the same fraternity, I decided to buy and read it. Having found it very interesting, I have been gifting it to some friends with taste for such writings.

I wrote to my writer friend PS to send a copy to my recovering friend. I forgot to write the address of NS in the first mail and I sent a second mail with the address, apologising for the slip blaming it on a functioning-below-capacity brain due to the chest infection.

I got a WhatsApp message in due course from PS confirming that he will send the book shortly. He concluded his message with the direction, “Take care of your health.”

I sent a message back to him thanking him and asked him “How do you know about my illness?”

He responded that I had informed him about it in my second mail!

You see how the illness has played games with my memory on two related instances?

Comic! Does this happen to you?

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