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  1. I love the first one, but I don’t agree with Calvin. I remember my dad telling me to play while I had the chance, basically being an adult sucked. I believed him until I got there myself and decided it was a lot more exciting than being a kid. What was your experience?

    1. I would say that my personal experience has been one of enjoying every stage of my life. In many ways, my life was unusual from the rest of middle class India and so I had very different experiences.

  2. I have heard numerous young-ish people say they don’t like “adulting” which seems odd to me. I just did what I had to do and didn’t think about it.

    I really like the first comic

  3. I actually have felt old all my life.
    I never questioned it. good or bad? it just is.
    an older lady once asked me if I ever “play?” it had tones of judgment in it!
    perhaps it stemmed from a father who had lots of responsibility forced upon him at 9 years old. I think he never played either. who knows? life has still been enjoyable. people are always saying “you’re never too old to have a happy childhood.” but mine was happy. I just couldn’t see it for the rules and regulations. and then the young adult times of understanding heavy losses came. all in all not a great relaxer! although compared to some or even most it was a piece of cake. I have no complaints. and as the marine once said … “it beings getting shot at.” 😀

    1. Odd that you say that Tammy. Many people had pointed out to me during my childhood and boyhood days that I was mentally much older than my physical years. This was due to a difficult domestic situation where I had to assume responsibility for looking after my younger siblings. In retrospect, I believe that such a background helped me to become a better human being than I would have perhaps become under other circumstances.

  4. at points in my life, I didn’t “love them at all” – of course at those points I didn’t know any better, in the main – but when I look back – I know I don’t want to return to those points.

  5. TV shows here never warn you about “adult situations”, so I’m not sure what’s meant by that – unless it means explicit sex. But surely all films (except children’s films) show adult situations?

    Nothing wrong with being an adult. But there’s a lot wrong with being a screwed-up adult who’s struggling with life and unable to get pleasure out of anything.

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