Advantage Of Being Wealthy. Over To You Gail.

This post is dedicated to two indomitable spirits. One shall remain anonymous, and the other is Maynard, who despite his claims to the contrary is trying very hard to be wealthy. The former sent me this link, thinking that I am a wealthy person only to drop me like a hot potato when my bank balance was revealed.

My regular readers will recollect my mentioning Robert Wright’s “The Moral Animal, Why We Are The Way We Are” The New Science Of Evolutionary Psychology, on more than one occasion and particularly so in my post on Gail’s Opinions.

Now comes modern confirmation about the findings that Wright writes about in his book. This article from the Sunday Times, is a collector’s item worth reading. Please do spend some time on it.

I hope that Gail is reading this. She seems to have gone off to the bush with her kangaroos. I wonder what her reaction to this finding will be!

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