It is funny that many of my younger friends, and by that I mean much younger, say in the forties, send me information about old age.

Today, I received from two different sources the following two messages. ย Please click on the images to get larger resolutions.

I am between 66 to 79 years old and I most decidedly do not feel that I am middle aged.

The ad for Senior Citizens from the PVR Multiplexes was sent to me by a, what I consider middle aged lady to whom I sent a mail in response – ย “What piques my interest is that you received this promo! Why?”

I am yet to receive a response from her but, I want to impress on her and the other young friend who sent me the first clipping, that I love being old for these 19 Perquisites. I particularly enjoy Perquisite number 9. GP does it ring a bell?

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    1. He resigned a long time ago. His acolytes have not accepted the resignation and insist on bugging him. Before you buy those shares, wait till you write the next week’s 2 on 1 blog post.

  1. I’m at the lower end of that age range — it kind of irks me to be classified as “old” or “elderly.” I certainly don’t feel any different. Looking in a mirror, though, tells a different story. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  2. I have no desire to be a sage, but I became an “old soul” when I was in high school. A part of me is also an exuberant puppy — it’s a powerful combination. One of the ones I like best is 3 — 30th or 40th wedding anniversary? How about 53 so far? Another big one is being retired and having the leisure to pursue my own interests with no deadlines. I’ve never wanted to be younger and have no reason to think differently now.
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      1. DT is a one off Monk. God threw the mould away after he was created. The world has not seen one like him ever before nor will it see one like him again. For the purpose of this post, he is the exception.

  3. I don’t identify my body as “me.” So, I don’t feel that old, but I have a body like an aging car, creaking a bit more and requiring more maintenance as the years pass.

    On the other hand, I can see how I could tire of this plane of existence. In the meantime, I use this body to get every senior discount I can! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Those young friends are projecting. They worry about their own future old age, and cannot imagine it. As for yet another WHO categorisation, is that for real? Trying to cram us into categories is a lost cause: meet one 70-year-old and you’ve met one 70-year-old. Luckily, we only have to be ourselves.

    1. Yes, and I am blessed with a lot of friends and relatives in my age group including many in the blog world. It is nice to banter with them about this process and condition. I also enjoy the banter with younger people. For instance, there was another exchange that I had with the same lady who sent me the PVR flier. I had sent her a message with an added comment – “With tongue firmly in cheek” and she promptly responded with – “that is the problem; I don’t know when or if the former stops and the latter starts.”

  5. i blame Madison Avenue for most of the ills of this world’s youthful perceived problems.
    they have made billions (probably more like trillions) on people’s insecurities about everything under the sun! and it’s not enough that we had to make our own Young people and even Older people constantly unhappy with their lot in life. we had to infiltrate all the other cultures of the world! the ads. the tech. the $$$. there has been one pace and that is FAST. or even FASTER!
    it’s making me realize i need to read the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. seriously. i need to read it for a better perspective. lol. i laugh because otherwise it’s pretty much heartbreakingly sad.
    i chalk it all up to rampant materialism and envy.
    and if i were ever a sage… i would charge 5 cents just like Lucy. and if i spent hours listening to their woes and their problems and then offered my sage advice… and as she said in the article… then they did their own train wreck of a decision anyway… i would simply say Doctor is OUT the next time they came around!
    a sage has only so much energy and time to waste on willfully stubborn ingrates!
    WHOA! goodness sakes alive. ok. rant over!
    tammy j recently posted..may day

    1. Madison Avenue and its counterparts all over the world. India is not too bad. The oldies are given much more leeway than their counterparts get in the West. I for one quite enjoy being an old reprobate. And like all reprobates, I love being a sage too.

  6. I have been doing research on ageing for almost 20 years and, like some of your commentators would not consider myself “middle-aged” as per the WHO. I would certainly not admit to “elderly” which I think is a word which implies frailty and dependence. I always say “older people’ and try to get others to do the same. There are some dreadful names for older people, the worst of which I have heard is “pre-dead”. Everybody comes into that category.
    I enjoy advising younger researcher and write two blogs myself. One translates academic research and policy-speak for ordinary people. One describes travels in Persia in the 17th century. I have great fondness for India and things India, as well.

    1. Welcome to my blog. Thank you. I love being an Indian living in India and being an old reprobate Indian to boot. Having travelled to the West, I can assure you that it is better to be old here than in the West. Having said that however, here too pressures of urban living and modern economic pressures, things are changing but the middle class has got a lot of options for retirement homes and facilities. Many however are lucky, like I am that they get to live with their children and grand children which makes a lot of difference.

  7. I write two blogs. One translates academic research and policy-speak for ordinary people. One describes travels in Persia in the 17th century.

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