Air Conditioning.

It is not hot enough yet for me to start using the air conditioner but, I found this following message doing the rounds in WhatsApp and thought it appropriate to share with my readers.

*Put AC at 26+ degrees and put the Fan on at slow speed.*

Very useful information sent by an Executive Engineer from The Electricity Board:

Correct use of AC:

As hot summer has started and we use Air conditioners regularly, let us follow the correct method.

Most people have a habit of running their ACs at 20-22 degrees and when they feel cold, they cover their bodies with blankets. This leads to double loss. HOW ???

Do you know that the temperature of our body is 35 degrees Celsius? The body can tolerate temperature ranging from 24 degrees to 39 degrees easily. It is called human body temperature tolerance.

When the Room temperature is lower or higher, the body reacts, by sneezing, shivering, etc.

When you run the AC at 19-20-21 degrees, room temperature is much lower than the normal body temperature and it starts the process called hypothermia in the body which affects blood circulation, whereby, blood supply in some parts of the body is not adequate. There are many disadvantages in long term such as arthritis etc.

Most of the time there is no sweating when AC is ON, so the toxins of the body can not come out and in the long term, cause risk of many more diseases, such as skin allergy or itching, high blood pressure etc.

When you run AC at such low temperatures, its compressor continuously works on full energy, even if it is 5 stars, excessive power is consumed & it blows money from your pocket.

What is the best way to run AC ??  Set up Temperatures for 26-28 Degrees.
You don’t get any benefit by first setting Temperature of AC to 20 – 21 and then wrap the sheet/ thin Quilt around you.

It is always better to run AC at 26+ degrees and put the fan on at slow speed.

This will consume less electricity and your body temperature will also be in the range and there will be no ill effect on your health.

Another advantage of this is that the AC will consume less electricity, the blood pressure on the brain will also decrease and Saving will ultimately help reduce the effects of global warming. How ?? Suppose you save about 5 units per AC per night by running AC on 26-28 Degree and other 10 lakh houses also do like you then we save 5 million units of electricity per day.

At the regional level this savings can be crores of units per day.

Please consider the above and do not run your AC at all below 26-28 degrees. Keep your body and environment healthy.

Forwarded in Public Interest
Ministry for Power
and Energy. GOI.

I also urge my readers to read this Fact Check item before deciding on the temperature setting.

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  1. Raman
    Thanks for the good piece of information. I thought 24c was the right one.Henceforth I will follow your suggestion. As I am getting older even if there is slight in temp I feel unbearable cold. So I can hit 2 birds in one stroke

    1. I have just got all the units at home serviced so that during the summer they do not give any problems. It is not yet hot enough for the use of them but, I expect that in the next couple of weeks, it will be and I certainly will follow the advice.

  2. We have a heat pump and during the summer we run it at 78°F (25.6°C) during the day and a little cooler at night. For heat in the cooler months, we set it at 68°F (20°F).

    During the 1979 energy crisis, President Jimmy Carter signed a 9-month proclamation requiring the summer cooling limit in commercial, government, and most other public buildings to no lower than 78°F. The winter heating temperature was limited to 65°F.
    Mike recently posted..Warmer, heat, & shots

  3. In our cool UK climate, in general we don’t need air conditioning except on a few extremely hot summer days. But the one place where air conditioning is needed is the London tube which can easily reach 100F in the summer. There was talk a few years ago of introducing air conditioned trains but it never came to anything. It was great to travel on the New York subway which does have air conditioned trains.

  4. interesting, I’m a new user of AC – and the engineer set it for summer at 22(C) which I use most evenings especially if the house has been closed up whilst I’m out. – I’ll check the handbook later when winter sets in…but the gov’t idea for heat pump is that it must at least be 18(C) for “healthy homes program”
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..It’s only Choosday – busy day!

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