Among the very few regrets that I have is one that I could not get into any of the Indian Armed Forces due to my myopia. I have compensated for it by developing and maintaining very good friendships with some members of our Armed Forces, all of who know my affection and respect for them and what they do for the nation.

Naturally, I love to see movies involving our armed forces and Aiyyary is the latest that I saw yesterday. I had been waiting for its release since January as it got stuck in our Censor Board for some strange reason but, it seems to have been finally cleared and it was released in our theatres last week.

160 minutes of running time passed in a jiffy. One of the most tightly edited movies that I have seen with hardly a scene that was superfluous. Amazing direction and acting backed with some very appropriate music kept viewers glued to their seats and from the reaction of the audience on the way out, it was obvious that without exception, everyone enjoyed the experience.

Like many new Indian films, this too uses actors rather than stars and that single factor combined with excellent direction and dialogue delivery, makes this, for all practical purposes a spy story, a remarkable movie to watch. I am glad that I did not go by some of the reviews that I had read in our press but decided to go by my love for our Armed Forces.

If you get a chance to see it, please do not miss it.

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  1. I had no idea you were short sighted (as in “not being able to see in the distance”). I could swear I have never seen a photo of you with glasses. Or have I? Do you wear contact lenses? How short sighted are you? Not, of course, that you are short sighted in the metaphorical sense (seeing the wider picture and all that); you definitely aren’t.

    Ursula recently posted..The Alternative Comment Box – Adjournment 1

    1. No, I am most decidedly not short sighted in the metaphorical sense. I am however myopic and cock eyed to boot. Only one eye is weak and the other had to be prescribed balancing grades over the years. Currently the left eye is -1.5 and the right is -4.5. I generally do not wear glasses at home as I am quite comfortable without them to putter around and read. I use them whenever I go out of the house or to see the TV. You can see me as my normal self in this post. written just three months ago.

    1. Looney, I flatter myself that I am discerning sort of movie goer. Most of our stars here cannot act for nuts. They may have once upon a time but after hitting stardom, they stop acting and just strut around or sway their bottoms and heave their bosoms around. I rarely see films with them in them.

  2. Meryl Streep is a star that seems to have the power to overcome ‘stardom’ or movie~starrish acting and actually become the character she portrays. there aren’t that many it seems. but at least a few.
    and your military friends know you and that you tried to serve. and in their book that’s as good a recommendation for respect as you can get!
    we have a former president who did everything he could to avoid even the reserve duty. he would fail to show up even. it’s all on record. and as president he sent men to fight in a war declared by him that was based on flimsy ‘facts.’
    the forces might have had to call him their commander in chief but that doesn’t mean they respected him!
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    1. Tammy, I would rather not write about the POTUS. He is yours and thankfully not ours! Meryl Streep is an actor that I would go miles to see. There are a few more like that in Hollywood and quite a few over here in Bollywood.

  3. I would never have got into military services – too many invisible problems including eyesight.

    I too do not use my glasses at home (much) but when I’m out I do….mostly to see finer details in unfamiliar surroundings.

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