All Hope Abandon Ye Who…………


…… Who Keep Beards.

If you did not know, that is me.  Hardly any hair on top to crow about but a neatly trimmed beard.

Despite the absence of hair on the top I was hoping till about half an hour ago that I still have some chance with the ladies. My hopes have just been dashed. As usual, some academics with more money to spend than subjects to research on have found that I am now passe.

My bearded friends, we have two options. Bravely decide to stay with our single isolated status or shave the damned things off. I am opting for the former and modern taste be damned.

What about you Shackman and David?

18 thoughts on “All Hope Abandon Ye Who…………”

    1. Peruke, Grannymar? I had no idea that word had made it into English vocabulary. It’s what the motherland calls it whilst my recently chemotherapied (English) friend does call it a wig. But then the English do tend to steer clear as best they can of their arch enemy (the French).

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  1. I have a beard, but I do shave; shave my head instead.
    It’s a different look (and oddly popular around these parts), you could give it a shot.

  2. You are as alluring as ever, Ramana. And don’t forget: A beard balances what you haven’t got on top and hides many a blemish. Not least a double chin. An option, alas, not open to women. Oh my god, Ramana. The mere thought (of a double chin) gives me the shivers. That’s why it does pay to be a man. Let it sprout.

    On the downside of the Samsons of this world: The Angel whose very long hair is drop dead gorgeous recently had a bout of fretting over his “hairline receding”. Complete nonsense. He does have, like I do, a high forehead. He doesn’t believe me. Trust me I am his mother. Doesn’t wash with him. And his beard is so neatly trimmed I forget he has one.

    All of you men, including the exceedingly neat David Beckham (my brother’s twin, no joke), be glad of your no desire to shave. It’s a bloodbath when you do. And then there is designer stubble which is most alluring unless you want to kiss the guy. Which – on the whole – I don’t. Sandpaper will do.

    Thanks for the smile,
    Ursula recently posted..Authenticity

    1. Mike, a thousand apologies as Peter Sellers would say. I should have asked your opinion too! And yes indeed, there will be one to come up with exactly the opposite point of view.

  3. I have too much fun at Christmas with little kids to shave. Plus, I like the way i look with it better than without

  4. I’ve not got a beard either, and if I chose to could have more hair on head but I chose to have spikes and right now after my regular 6weekly hair cut it’s short-as!

    These researchers and I haven’t not read your link – just want to be continually paid to do their thing!
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