Am I A Sologamist?

I had to read this article  twice. I still find it hard to believe that someone can do this!

People have finally stopped asking me if I had plans for getting married again or getting into another relationship after Urmeela died eight years ago.   I however wish that I had known about this when I was being asked. I could have answered in a better way.


26 thoughts on “Am I A Sologamist?”

  1. The day I feel the need to marry myself will be the day I divorce me from me. Ja, heiliges Kanonenrohr (holy cannon) – is there no end to people’s need to seek attention and wear their insecurities on two sleeves?!!!!!!? No, make that four sleeves since they have just married themselves.

    It appears another “half” is considered so important that, in absence of that significant other, one may as well compensate in the eyes of the world by becoming our own double and, therefore, “whole”. Pardon? What is this ….?

    Ursula recently posted..Reflection

  2. You might be a sologamist for now and you might expect to stay that way but who ever knows when cupid may strike?

    1. Yes, and the article addresses this nicely (we had the same thought and smiled at this):

      “After all, in the eyes of the law, self-marriage is not a legally binding union.”

  3. I don’t see the point of that at all. Isn’t it just another variety of narcissism? Not to mention another commercial bandwagon to offer all the necessary marital accessories. But I like the idea of renewing your marriage vows, which is what my parents did at an advanced age.
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