Amazing Amazon India Satisfactory Resolution Finally.

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Message From Customer Service

I’m sorry that you haven’t received the refund in your account.

I understand that you want amount to be refunded to your account for the order #404-0318746-5430779.

I’ve requested a refund of Rs. 80 to your credit card.

The refund will be credited to your credit card in 3-5 business days depending on your bank’s policy.

You can see your refund requests here – ##404-0318746-5430779.

Further, if you have any other issue, please feel free to contact us.

I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Warmest regards,

7 thoughts on “Amazing Amazon India Satisfactory Resolution Finally.”

    1. That was collected by Bluedart on Saturday to be delivered to the supplier of the DVD in Kolkatta. They have assured me that as soon as the DVD is received they will give me credit for the total cost. Should happen today or tomorrow.

  1. On the topic of customer service, I am still puzzled with my experience with various retailers who sell Apple products – either ‘Authorized’ or ‘Premium’ or ‘Certified’. I am taken aback with their refusal to get me a machine with a configuration that I not available off the shelf in India. The best offer I received was “… we will take your order and money …. but then you have to communicate with Apple US and deal with the logistics of getting it to you…”. While I have learned that the margins for these dealers of Apple products is less than those on ‘PC’ side, it was surprising that they were not willing to help how to solve the problem, at a potential profit to them. Warranties on Apple computers apply world wide; not so for their mobile devices. Hence, if I somehow get the machine from outside India, these outlets will still be liable to provide my with warranty support.

  2. aha, finally someone read the whole correspondence and sortet it all out…well I hope to read so 🙂

    1. Unfortunately they haven’t addressed the problem of the original mistake made by them. They have debited the transaction to the book deal while crediting the amount to me. I have just given up.

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