Amazing Amzon India – III.

I am yielding to a request from Cheerful Monk who wants the title to change to Aamzon India as her own Amazon does not do such silly things. Point made. I have had excellent service from Amazon USA and will endorse her opinion.

I received the following letter this morning. I am impressed and puzzled at the same time. It is a Sunday and someone named Rebecca is working instead of being at church. It leads me to believe that the whole issue is being handled by a BPO somewhere hidden away from civilisation with clueless unemployables handling customer complaints.


I understand your concern about sharing your bank account number with us.

We require these details only for our legal and accounting purposes. In other words, we need to confirm whether the cheque we issued has been cleared in the same account mentioned in the letter or not.

However, I respect your concern and as an exception you may not include the bank account number in the given authorization letter. Please provide all the remaining details and send it to us as an attachment so that we may initiate the cheque process immediately.

If you have any queries regarding this, please feel free to reply to this email.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warmest regards,
Rebecca G”

I responded and await further developments with bated breath.

Hello to you too Rebeccaji,

I am grateful to you for this concession but I am appalled that the original purpose is still being shoved under the carpet and I am being made to feel obliged to your accounts department who want to go by the book.

The refund pertained to an order placed by me. I am your regular customer. The complaint was made by me and the DVD has been returned by me.

Due to some strange phenomenon, either your customer service gang or the accounting gang decided to make out the cheque in the name of a friend of mine to who I had sent a book from Amazon as a gift. You not only made out the cheque in his name, you also sent the cheque to his address. It is a matter of luck that he has not yet encashed the cheque and that he is willing to destroy the cheque on my request.

And the original reason for asking me for my bank account details and the release form sent by you is what I quote here sent by you. “I understand you need the cheque to be sent with a different name other than what is mentioned on the order.” You have already issued a cheque in a different name other than what is mentioned on the order. I have been asking you to issue the cheque in the name that appears on the order which is mine. I am flabbergasted. What is it that I say is not clear to you? How better can I communicate to you.

To make matters easy for you again, the order under reference is, and I give a screen shot of what appears on my accounts details on your website:
Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 12.39.19 PM

You can clearly see that I have placed the order and I am the recipient, and I presume that since it is under complaint it is still showing as Dispatched rather than delivered.

If you would like, I shall send you the screen shot of the order pertaining to the gift that I sent my friend but for the record the order number is 404-0318746-5430779 placed on 1st May, 2014.

Do I still need to send you the release document albeit without the bank account details?

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  1. I am beginning to find this long drawn out saga a little uncomfortable.
    Paragraph two above is rather unsettling.

    Why assume that ‘Rebecca’ should be in church instead of at work? Most large Corporations work 24/7 these days, with Sunday being treated as just an ordinary day. If it is your turn to work, then you are expected to get up, dress up and show up! The days of ‘time and a half wages’ for Sunday are long gone.

    The mention of ‘clueless unemployables’ is not only shocking, but insulting. Not everyone in this world has degrees the length of a weekend after their names. What good is book knowledge if we cannot treat our fellow members of the human race with respect.

    IF you do not like dealing with underlings, why not go straight to the top of the tree? Directors at the top of the tree are paid far more than the Rebecca’s of this life. The Buck stops with them. Do like Jean says, get a phone number for the DG and call or better still write a letter, It works, I, on two occasions in previous years went straight to the top with complaints about products and had results in double quick time.
    Grannymar recently posted..Sunday One liners ~ 31

    1. Points well made Grannymar and I shall refrain from such outpourings in the future. The shortcomings pointed out by you however are in my blog post and not in the mail to Amazon. I have treated the underlings there with utmost respect and have blamed the system.

  2. Poor customer service can be frustrating. I’m sure that working in customer service can be a nightmare, too, at times. Not a job that I ever want to consider.
    Mike recently posted..Customer Service

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