American Sniper.


It was a family outing yesterday.  Manjiree and Ranjan decided that the two old bandicoots ie, yours truly and my partner in crime, Ramesh, needed to be given a treat and so off we went to see American Sniper.  It was a great outing and we completed some urgent shopping too after the movie.

I have been following  the American press about the controversy regarding whether the hero depicted was really a hero or a psychopath.  Since I have not read the book nor do I have any access to intelligent information about the Iraq campaign, I leave that aside to share my views on this film.

My friend Ramesh had not known that it was produced and directed by Clint Eastwood and was quite impressed.  He was frankly surprised that such a movie could have been produced and directed by CE as for Ramesh, CE represented a gunfighter in old Westerns. That was another icing on the cake aspect of our outing.  And despite sitting through the credits at the end of the show, none of us were familiar with any other name in the list! Despite that, to get such a favourable reaction from all of us is an indication of the inherent merit of the film.

The four of us were unanimous in our opinion on coming out after the show that it was worth our while to spend about two and a half hours of sitting in a theater to watch this movie.  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing a real life hero in action on screen.  The photography, characterisation, direction, editing and locale all meshed well together to offer a very enjoyable outing.  I have no hesitation in giving [rating=6] rating.

No Chuck, there was no popcorn but what coffee!




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  1. RE Eastwood as only a cowboy – try Trouble with the Curve, Gran Torino or Million Dollar Baby – Trouble with the Curve being my fave. RE American Sniper – well the public here is polarized as yopu might expect – rergarding everything about the film. Eastwood flatly states it is an anti-war movie that shows what war – any war – can do to those involved. I take him at his word. Kyle’s book paints him to be a ruthless, bigoted patriot. I suspect that is partly true but I suspect he was much more real – at least those who knew him say he was. I’ll see it when it hits cable On Demand for sure and will pop 2 bags of popcorn – one for you and one for me Ramana. Of course since I am not wasteful I’ll consume them both.
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