An Italian Meal From An American.

We had an Italian meal recently as a new neighbour, actually wanted to go on a picnic to our local park but since my father and I cannot sit down on the lawns, and there are no picnic tables there, we compromised with an early dinner at our home. Our neighbour is an American lady, Susan, who teaches here at an International Baca Laureate School, to children with special needs,

The meal was assembled with cold pasta salad, toasted flat bread with pesto, fresh garden tomatoes and mozzarella cheese slices for toppings and olives on the side, and fresh fruit salad. All laboriously prepared by Susan and brought over for the occasion. The cold fresh fruit salad of water melon, strawberries and pine apples was filled in a green water melon carved to look like a picnic hamper and was a treat visually as well as for the palate.

Susan took two photographs on the occasion. One is of my father alone and the other with me in the picture too. Unfortunately, I was too hungry to start eating the visually appealing and inviting food and did not take a photograph of Susan. I shall sometime soon and post it for my readers. I also wish now that I had taken a photograph of the spread. Perhaps one of these days, we shall have another occasion to have a similar meal and I shall.

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