An Uncle, A Sister And Coffee.

Please be a little patient with me. This story has to unfold in a particular way for my overseas readers.

Please see this clip first.

I am not a coffee person but, my late father was. When he came to live his last few years with me, he was not satisfied with the instant coffee that was available in Pune and wanted the traditional South Indian coffee made twice a day for him. That was made exactly as shown in the above video for him by me and I became quite an expert in making it.

First I had to buy a filter and since my father was willing to compromise on the filter and dishes needed, I had to invest in a stainless steel filter and a set of the vessels shown in the clip but, in stainless steel instead of the brass varieties shown in the video. I had to resort to this as, the stores in Pune had only the stainless steel varieties as shown below.

After my father died, all these were stowed away and I even forgot all about them till last week I got a cryptic message on my phone from a stranger advising me that I was to expect a set of brass vessels from someone called V S Mani. Since I had not ordered anything from them, I probed and found another cryptic message from my dear and one and only sister that she had arranged for it in memory of our long departed uncle named V A S Mani who always called himself Victory Always Sure Mani.

The parcel duly arrived this morning and it contained this combination:

My son, who is a coffee addict promptly tried out the coffee and certified it to be of excellent quality and recommended it highly to me. I shall shortly try it out as it does not need a filter and it is the instant variety. I have however just stowed away the brass vessels as I have no use for them.

I hope that now the topic for this post and the contents justify each other.

Do you drink coffee? Do you go through some rigmarole like what is shown in the video?

18 thoughts on “An Uncle, A Sister And Coffee.”

  1. I adore my coffee. Dark roasted excellent beans, ground fresh and filtered.

    Life would not be the same without it.

    I love all the gear surrounding Indian coffee, and the rituals.

    You were very good to your father. And I do believe that this karma has been repaid by your son.


  2. You have to drink the coffee piping hot in the brass dabara tumbler holding it with your towel or angavastram tossed across your shoulders…sip sip sip slowly!
    I don’t drink coffee at all! But people say I make a good cup of coffee!
    Enjoy…it was meant for Ranjan as well!

  3. I agree with WWW. I think you were amazingly good to your father.
    I only drink one cup a day. I use a dark roast french blend of instant coffee. it’s very good. and I drink it black. no sugar for me!
    the marine once gave me a chicory flavored coffee. it took some getting used to but I grew to love it! it was very strong. that was long before the days of internet. now I could probably order it but I don’t.
    I’m happy.

    1. What goes around comes around Tammy. My father was good to his father who too had spent many of his final years at our home. Now it is the turn of my son Ranjan to fuss over me.

  4. I enjoy coffee in the morning. Torben does not like coffee, but nonetheless bought me a very fancy machine that grinds the beans and does all the work. I love this post and the story, and agree with others that you are a wonderful son.

  5. We drink a couple of cups of coffee every day. We did try some coffee machines once but they packed up very quickly. Now we just use cafetieres and Italian coffee which we grind ourselves with a coffee grinder. The coffee beans come from a very well-known local tea and coffee merchant, S D Bell.

    1. My son now is a coffee freak and keeps experimenting with various blends and machines. The aroma that comes out of the kitchen when he is brewing his coffee is to die for.

  6. No “rigmarole” for me. Just a strong blend from the kitchen filter machine. Two cups with breakfast.
    I know the British in India referred to “char (chai) wallahs”. Do you have “espresso wallahs” ? .. 😉
    Big John recently posted..“Woss that then ?”

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