Andhadhun A Movie.

I went to a movie after three months! Not because I had better things to do but, nothing new came up that interested me. Andhadhun however has received rave reviews and a very dear friend who saw it wrote specially to me to go and see it. So, I was escorted by R and M in style yesterday and had a grand evening out. Even the traffic God was kind and we reached the venue fifteen minutes ahead of time and had to wait for the auditorium to be cleaned after the previous screening before we could go in. And the good fortune continued on the way back too and even the traffic lights were in our favour.

It is rare indeed to see a Bollywood movie in the Black Comedy genre and this one is among the blackest. There are occasions when it becomes difficult to believe that it is a comedy after all but, over all the blackness is very present and exciting. Every moment of the 2 hours and 20 minutes of the running time was well spent. Says something about the excellent editing and direction.

That the movie was made in Pune and many scenes are from places that I am familiar with, was icing on the cake..

Very much worth seeing and I give it a five star rating. Please do not miss it if you can possibly get to see it on the big screen.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it.

    I haven’t been to a cinema in years you might count in either dogs’ or donkies’. Many. I do prefer what’s called in the motherland “Pantoffel Kino” (Pantoffel = slippers, Kino = cinema, as in large screen TV). At home. There is something comforting about being able to pause when you want; no one in my hearing shot munching on pop corn; no one coughing. Basically bliss. And I say this as someone who enjoys others’ company. Sneeze all over me – you are welcome.

    Sometimes, and tell me if you do so too, the true joy of Pantoffelkino is that you can talk out loud, stop the film, make observations to your co-watcher. And generally add an enjoyment lacking when watching in public with people who don’t need my running comment. But then who does?


    1. We too have a home theater system and I quite enjoy watching some times when my daughter in love watches some movie or the other via Netflix or whatever. Yes, it is convenient but, newly released movies cannot be accessed in it. There are three multiplex theaters withing fifteen minute driving time from my home and that makes it quite easy to go across and watch on the big screen.

  2. I watched Andhadhun on the second day and liked it! I immediately booked tickets for the next day and forced my father (who is a great movie buff and has made me one), and brother to watch. They too liked.

    But the more I think about it the more I feel that it was a Good movie which could have been Great. First half was terrific! The story went off track a bit in the second half when the organ smuggling/extortion angle popped up. But finally bounced back.

    Tabu was excellent! And Ayushman is always good in such off-beat movies and parts where he has a dry sense of humor and poker face. Do watch Nautanki Sala, not many noticed and appreciated that movie.

    I like Sriram Raghavan movies. Hope you have watched Johny Gaddar.

    I like crime mysteries/thriller/courtroom drama movies and stories. Not too many are made these days. Very few in Hindi. So I quench my thirst with TV show Crime Patrol/Dastak. That’s like listening to Kumar Sanu instead of Kishore Kumar. But Kumar Sanu is also a legend by now…has his niche and space.
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    1. You too should review the movies that you see in your blog. I for one will value your reviews. I intend seeing Badhaai soon. I am told that it too is a good film to watch. Unusual topic.

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