I am not a great celebrator of anniversaries. I have no problem with others celebrating or mourning anniversaries, but it is just not my cup of tea.

When my late wife Urmeela was alive too, we did not celebrate what to most long married couples is important, the wedding anniversary. It is not that it is not important. Somehow, the two of us just were not that mushy, if that is the word for it, to celebrate. Both strongly believed that since we were celebrating our life together constantly, a special day to do so would be superfluous.

Now, I am at a different stage of anniversary. The death anniversary of my late wife. It came and went. I was aware of it, I thought about that fateful day last year when she passed away. But I did not do what I see many people do in our local newspapers – take out anniversary advertisements in the Obit columns. It was my private grief and remembrance and I did not see any need to announce it to the world, particularly when I did not put in an obit announcement when she passed away last year.

The only anniversary that mattered to her and still does to me is our son’s birthday. That too passed off just a few days ago, and I celebrated it just as I would have had his mother been around to. It was a quiet family and close friends affair and the birthday boy and all the others who were present, enjoyed the meal and the get together.

I do not celebrate my birthday, but many family members and friends call to greet me and wish me on that day. It sure feels good that so many people remember. Now, with Facebook making it known to the whole world, this year even people who do not normally greet me, sent greetings.

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