Annoyance Due To Covid 19.

I felt unusually hungry yesterday at tea time and had a few biscuits with my tea. This brought to my notice an annoyance that seems to be without any resolution in the near future.

India has been locked down now for 120 days with on and off easing of lockdown. Such a lockdown has its own problems for the youngsters in the family but, for me, that per se has not been a major annoyance bar one problem.

Just before the lockdown, I had given measurements for a set of dentures to replace my old ones which were giving me problems while chewing hard stuff. The mould was made and I was to go for trials with  trial dentures when the lockdown was declared and dentists particularly had to shut down being in a high risk occupations.

It has been four months now since I have been still using the old dentures and the adventure with the biscuits yesterday brought home to me the unfairness of it all.

20 thoughts on “Annoyance Due To Covid 19.”

  1. Ramana I t00 had similar problem both with my broken dentures as well as visit Dental clinic. Over the time I have learnt the art of eating without teeth

  2. I quite like my biscuits dipped in a cup of tea but probably not every biscuit for four months!

    1. The problem with dipping this particular biscuit in tea is that it disintegrates and falls into the tea. I therefore have to eat it and follow each swallow with a sip of tea. Otherwise, I too love to dip the biscuit in tea.

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