Another Case Of Doppelgängers!

This morning’s Pune Times had a news item with a photograph of a very well known producer of movies and I couldn’t resist thinking that he looked so much like a movie star. Unfortunately, the link does not show the actual photograph that appeared on the print version. The print version had this photograph.

A stock photograph of the gent, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is here:

The doppelgänger is the famous actor Irrfan Khan. His stock photograph is here”

I wonder if Bollywood has noticed the amazing likeness!

7 thoughts on “Another Case Of Doppelgängers!”

  1. I take it you speak in jest. Doppelgaenger? You might as well say I look like the next woman.

    Without wishing to upset Tammy (with a “y”) those two guys look nothing like each other. Their noses (for starters – and who doesn’t notice a nose) different shapes. As are their mouths (sorry, Tammy). Forehead? One is high, the other not so much. Sure, both wear glasses. As does virtually anyone who goes into Specsavers unless they opt for contact lenses.

    Anyway, to end on a happy note: My mother once likened my father to the Buddha. Brilliant. She even had a little Buddha statue in the garden. Thus happy marriages are being sustained. Doppelgaenger indeed. My mother too speaks in jest.

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