Another Eventful Day.

Eventful because of a great lunch in the company of Ramesh and Ranjan with the owner of the restaurant Naresh, personally seeing to it that we were kept well fed and entertained! Simple but tasty and filling.

Mutton Biriyani with onion raitha.

And Chili Fried Paneer.
paneer chili

A brief nap at home after that indulgence and a matinee show to see Vishwaroopam.

I wanted to see this film particularly because of the controversy raised before its release in Tamil Nadu. I personally did not find anything controvesial in it that could have hurt Muslim sentiment and am willing to give credence to the idea that it was politically motiviated. If anything, the film portrays the motive of the jihadists in good light and I do not see what could be objectionable about it,

10 thoughts on “Another Eventful Day.”

  1. you are a master food photographer! and i have always heard that it is very hard.
    you don’t seem to have a problem at all. it always looks mouthwateringly delicious!!
    not my kind of movie.
    but i am just so glad you are obviously having some fun now.
    bear hugs to you rummy!
    tammy j recently posted..hilda knows

    1. Tammy, I am not a great photographer. My camera is one of those modern gizmos that does the job and all I have to do is to point and click!

      You bet I am having fun. I intend having lots more before it is too late!

    1. I can assure you that the movie would not be your cuppa. It is not mine either but I wanted to see it because of the brouhaha created around it in Tamil Nadu. At the end of it all, all Tamilians can simply see the Hindi version anywhere else in the country without cuts or see the same via non theater media. Silly really.

    1. You better believe it. It is to prevent jealous readers from casting the evil eye that I do not post more of the stuff I am gorging myself on now a days!

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